Jane’s Day

08 August 2014 – JANE’S DAY

As we battened down the hatches last night in preparation for Hurricane Iselle, it became apparent that we were not going to be able to make our annual pilgrimage to North Short to honor Jane’s life on the second anniversary of her passing (Mom’s Day or Jane’s Day). Last year we went down to the beach where we scattered her ashes. We said prayer, threw leis into the ocean and took time to reflect on the impact that she had on our lives. Since we can’t go to the beach today, we will shoot for a break between the storms, hopefully tomorrow.

This has been an incredible year. Samuel completed his first year at Corban University in Salem, Oregon. Sam is still working to be a secondary education teacher and his desire to come back to Hawaii to teach at Trinity Christian School.  Gabriel did three different drama production, he is quite the actor, played Volleyball and managed to get a stellar grade on his senior thesis. Gabriel will be attending Biola in the fall. He was accepted in to the Cinema and Media Arts program. Gabriel is exceptionally creative and very talented. He has produced various videos, some for school, and some for fun. You can look up, “Gabriel Arney Trinity” to see “Snapshot-A Glimpse of Life at Trinity Christian School” a video he create for the school’s Spring Gala fundraiser. I can tell you how proud I am of these two young men, and how proud Jane would be of them. They are a true testament to Jane’s love and commitment as their mother!

I will be taking Gabe and Sam to college shortly and will return home an empty nester. I am often asked “are you ready for it?” I would love to say, “yes’ but the truth is, I am often shortsighted and do not realize the impact that certain events will have on me. I am not sure how I will handle it, but I can assure that I will not handle it alone. God has been with us every step of the way and He is true to His Word: He will not leave me, nor forsake me, I am in good hands. I also have a few good friends that have stood beside me through the passing of Jane and through the past two years. I meet with Jon weekly for accountability, encouragement and to share life. Brian is my dive partner, brother in life and friend. Between these two godly men, I am consistently reminded of God’s love for me. Upon my return from vacation and dropping the young men off at college. I have a few projects to work on and I am planning on going on a mission’s trip later this year. Did I mention that I will  be doing a lot of spearfishing? 🙂


It Doesn’t Seem Like Is Has Been A Year

Today as Samuel and I were walking down the beach we both made the same comment, “It doesn’t seem like it has been a year.”


Samuel and I went to the North Shore to commemorate Jane’s life with leis and love.

  IMAG0294 IMAG0293 IMAG0291

After spending a few moment sitting and enjoying the beach (where we spread Jane’s ashes), Samuel and I toss a couple of leis in the ocean and then walked up and down the beach looking for shells and talking about Jane.  After we finished walking, we headed to Akoi’s for some shave Ice.  These are the things we would do with Jane whenever we had a break or a holiday.  All-in-all it was a nice day to spend with Sam and enjoy memories of Jane.

Where’s Gabe?

That is a great questions.  Gabriel is visiting my sister up in Washington.  He left in late July with Linda to visit colleges and then headed up to my sister’s house.  He is having a great time and I am sure he is being spoiled!  Here’s a few words from him:

This year has been one of the most interesting years of growth in my life, both spiritually, and as a person. This year was different from most because I was actively seeking out God, I was investing more time into my relationships, and also enjoying the time that we have as the “men” of the house. Even though my mom has been gone for a year I haven’t totally forgot about her, nor do I dwell upon the past, because no good will come of either of those two things. Instead I choose to honor her memory by trying my hardest to live a Godly life which she has raised me to do. I have recently been looking into different colleges on the mainland. (i.e. California, Oregon) I am currently in Sumas, Washington spending time with my family and relaxing.

I had a great year at school in regards to both the educational aspect and in the manner of friendships and relationships. At the beginning of the school year I started leadership class as an elective and had an amazing time leading with my friend David Leong. Another area of school that I particularly enjoyed this year was extracurricular activities such as sports and drama. I was in two productions that the school put on and I played soccer and volleyball. As the year progressed I made new friends and strengthened my relationship with old friends. Over all God really blessed my junior year and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me as a senior in this coming year.

Meanwhile at church, I was able to witness the amazing growth of the former Hope Chapel West Oahu being transformed into the present Inspire Church. While I did not serve at Inspire Church I was able to aid my aunty at her church in Pearl City. I witnessed God moving through Samuel and I as we played and sang for the kingdom of God. However, as Frank Sinatra would say, the best is yet to come. In the past couple of months, I have been blessed to be a part of an amazing team of missionaries that are going to the islands of Tonga. While in Tonga we hope to expand the Tongan’s vision of God by giving them a fresh perspective and empowering them with the Holy Spirit. These are just a few of the many things that God has shown himself to me in the past months.

In the next few years I hope to graduate from high school and attend a four-year college to obtain my degree in either journalism, photo journalism, or media arts. While I have a rough idea of what I would like to do, I’m still not sure if this is what God wants for my life. I have looked at Biola University, Azusa Pacific University, George Fox University, Corban University, Life Pacific University, and Point Loma University. In the next year I will send out applications and decide which college I feel called to go to.

As many of you know, today marks the one year anniversary of my mother’s death. While many may be grieving her loss, I encourage you to rejoice in a life that was lived to its potential. I am sad that she isn’t here to see me graduate high school and go off to college, however I’m reassured by the fact that she is in Heaven with my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Here’s Sam:

Hello people. A lot has happened to me over this past year and now I’m moving towards big life changes as I head out to college on the 21st. High school is finally finished and I have successfully graduated from the most difficult year of school I’ve had so far.

My senior year was something of a mixed bag. Difficult but fun. Annoying but entertaining. My classmates and I struggled through work. thesis, and sometimes each other’s problems and the bonds I have forged with some of the people in that class will never be broken.  As a member of Trinity’s first graduating class I can only hope that we’ve set a Godly precedence as I continue to keep my many underclassmen in prayer.

The next big thing that has shown up in my life is college. I have spent a large majority of my summer both fretting and looking forward to this. This will be a big change for me as I will be separated from my main family and will be by myself.  I will be attending Corban University in Salem, Oregon and will be majoring in either history or literature education. but I’m leaning more towards history currently.

It definitely seems like it has been less than a year since Mom passed away. The whole family has been busy with things like school, work, college, and church. Nonetheless, I know my mom is still effecting the community around her. People still come up to me and the rest of the family saying, “Your mom was such an inspiration to me.” or “Jane touch my life when she…” It’s touching to know that she has helped so many people and I can only hope I do as well as I mature.


As you can see my to boys have turned into young men.  I am excited for Sam as he heads off to college.  His excitement is easy to spot.  He may not want to leave … but he really wants to go.  I will be taking him to the mainland later this month and will say good-bye until Christmas.  This will be his first year away from home on his birthday, which, falls on Thanksgiving day.    I will miss him greatly.

Gabe will be back next week and I look forward to hearing about his trip and seeing all the pictures that he took, he has a lot of talent.  This year will be interesting, Gabe will be a senior and he is becoming much more independent.

I am looking at trying to move out of our house by May next year.  I would like to rent out our house and buy something, a townhouse/condo, a little smaller.   The plan is to have this place  ready to rent by May, that is when the military rotate.  I am looking at a lot of change over the next year, both boys off to college and a new place to live.  It will be a new chapter and I am not sure where God will lead.  I just know that He has a plan.

As Gabe mentioned, we will be going to the Island Kingdom of Tonga on a missions trip.  We are both extremely excited about this opportunity and believe that God is going to do something great.  We will be in Tonga about ten days.  I have been told that we will be doing some teaching and outreach, but the primary purpose of this trip is to build relationship with the Foursquare Church there and to assess how God can use us and Inspire Church in the future.  This is an incredible opportunity and i believe that God has ordained this team and their church for this meeting.

I have a couple of thoughts on Jane and a few really important shout-outs.

I was thinking about the way that Jane changed my life.  When Jane and I were dating, someone real close to her told her that I was “out of her league.” Not sure what planet they were from, but they sure had that backwards.  I like to think that I married up.  Jane taught me that there is a difference be to good and fine.  For example, there are a lot of good restaurants, but they are not a fine dinning experience.  I had never eaten at a fine dinning restaurant until I met Jane and her family.  I though fine dinning was going to Sizzlers and getting all you can eat steak and shrimp with salad bar.  She taught or tried to teach me fashion.  I still don’t really get it, but I know that there is a difference between a $100 suit and a $500 suit.  When I was getting ready for my first interview after i got out of the Navy, Jane took me shopping for a suit.  I had never worn a suit (okay, leisure suits don’t count) in my life.  I went shopping with Jane and $300 later I had a suit that felt incredible.  I still have and fit that suit.  She taught me that I might as well take the two extra steps and put my close in the hamper instead of just leaving them on the floor.  She also taught me more about love then I ever thought possible and her insights into God’s kingdom were profound and kept me from making many mistakes.  Jane you are missed, I miss you! Thank you for all that you gave for so many.  Today you are snuggled up next to Jesus, our Lord and Savior, with a smile because the one that is holding you now has a plan for us.  “They are plans for good….,to give you a future and a hope.”  Keep smiling Sweet Pea 🙂


Shout outs

Inspire Church, we couldn’t make it with out you.  We are inspired by what God is doing in the church and in our lives as a result of your obedience!

 Vince and Julie Daubenspeck, you have always opened your house, your backyard and your hearts to us, you mean more to us then you know.

– Check out Vince’s new book “Kohola King of Whales” A great children’s book with fantastic artwork, guaranteed that your kid’s will want to read it again and again.

Rob Harmon:  You wrote the book on smiles!  Thanks for sending me one!!!!

– He really did write a book on Smiles: “Subrideo: Smiles are the Beginning of Laughter”  Rob wrote a small section on Jane here is a quote, “If there ever was a person who understood hope and having a plan, it’s Jane.  She has a smile that can melt away your worst problem on your worst day.  Her smile parts the darkest clouds and her words of encouragement can heal the hardest heart.  It is impossible to feel sorry for yourself in her presence because it fills you with joy.  I have never met anyone liker.  Her godly radiance says more that I own my smile. it says  I rejoice in the one who purchased it for me.

Yo B!

– You know



Thank you all so much for praying and caring for us.  Continue to pray for the boys and they make the transition to young men.  For Samuel as he goes off to college and Gabe as he finishes his last year of high school.  Pray for me as I have a lot of change coming.  Please pray for our missions trip to Tonga.


Thank you for being such a blessing to us!


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The Boys and I

First of all, let me apologize for not updating sooner.  I started this up date in September last year and about 10 time since.


Over the last 8 months the boys and I have been learning to adjust to many things.  We are not just adjusting to the loss of Jane, but also to the many changes that had occurred over the 8 years that Jane valiantly battled cancer.  In the beginning, life went on as normal.  We adjusted a little for the initial surgery and treatment, but life continued.  Jane was still able to drive, converse and direct day-to-day functions, so the impact was minimal.  Once  the cancer recurred a year later, things gradually began to change and over the next six years we tailored our lives to face the menace that was slowly eating away at the life we once knew.


It is really interesting to see how we each responded to the impact that the cancer had on our family.  We all jumped in to support Jane the best we could.  We all sacrificed, put things on hold and worked closely together to ensure that Jane had everything she needed.  Many of you came to our aid, you brought us food, you prayed for us and even gave generously of your finances.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Over the last year and a half of Jane’s life, things became more difficult for her.  She had brain surgery, she lost the ability to use her left arm and then slowly her motor functions began to deteriorate.  Each of these things required a little more from each of us.  It was a slow process and I didn’t realize how many things were put on hold, ended or just not done.  We were focused on helping Jane get better and believing in God for a miracle. In retrospect, I completely missed the boat that Jane was dying, I wanted to believe that she was going to get better.


Gabriel is highly social and enjoys participating in as many things as he can.  The impact on him was giving up participating in extracurricular activities at the level that he would have liked.  His life was given to taking care of Jane, picking up the day-to-day things that Jane would do and being the extra set of hands that Jane needed because her left arm did not work.  He spent a lot of time with his mom, just loving her and being “cute”, kind of like a stuffed animal. Being “cute” is one of the things that Jane found great joy and comfort in.


Samuel loves to be alone.  If he had his choice he would find a quiet place to read, play video games or listen to music.  Samuel became, as he likes to call it, “Mom’s primary care provider.”  This is pretty much true.  During the times when I was working or running errands, he would take care of her,  often times walking her to the bathroom, making her food and helping her eat or anything else that she required.  He stepped in often to ensure that she was well taken care of, his life pretty much revolved around taking care of his mother while the rest of the family was busy making sure we made end’s meet.


Jane’s sister was an incredible pillar of strength during this time.  She was always available to make sure that the boys were able to get to school, stay late with them if she needed to.  Linda would often take Jane to the doctors or be at important doctor’s appointments, and she made many trips to the mainland to help Jane get to treatments.

Jane’s Parents

They spent a lot of time at our house.  Jane’s mom would come over almost every day, giving Samuel a break during the summer.  Her mom and dad would take her to the doctor’s for treatment and for appointments.  Her mom would make her food, help clean our house, help Jane take showers and spent most of her days praying for Jane and our family.  Jane’s dad would work on the outside of our house.


As for me, I went to work and came home.  I spent the nights making dinner and taking care of Jane.  I was usually up late with her, she had problems sleeping because of the medication. I often would be up most of the night, taking short naps.  I would walk Jane to the bathroom, help her drink or just talk with her.  When I got up in the morning, usually pretty early, I would wake up one of the boys to sleep in our room just incase she needed to go to the bathroom or get a drink.  I was at home taking care of Jane, going to the doctors, running errands (picking up prescriptions or other things) or trying to work out the schedule of how we were going to take care of her.

Jane loved our church. It was a lot of work to get her ready for church, but she loved it and would push to go no matter how she was feeling.  I think we only missed church a couple of time because she couldn’t make it.  It was Jane who made sure that in the toughest times that we were in church.  I was often worn out and just want down time, but Jane was adamant that we make it and we did.


I don’t know how to best describe the turmoil, pressure or stress of caring for the terminally ill, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of what was required.  I am writing this not to draw sympathy or pity from you, but to give you insight into the adjustments that we had to make and the new adjustments that we are learning to make beyond just the loss of someone we love.

To start, we all have our moments.  The holidays were not that hard, but each one had moments.  Jane’s mom wanted to set a place for Jane at the table for Thanksgiving and we did Christmas a little different this year.  I worked hard to ensure that we celebrated in a fashion that Jane would have been proud of.  The boys and I got the tree set up early and I got the shopping done early.  Gift giving is not my love language, so that part was not easy (love Amazon).  I have learned to wrap presents pretty good, not great…but good enough.

I think the loss of Jane is hardest on her parents.  This is just my observations, but I cannot imagine losing either one of my boys.  They have been dealing with it in their own way, but the pain is still deep.  Whether we like it or not life moves on with or without us, and I think Linda and the boys have embraced this and done the best job with moving forward.  We each have our moments that are filled with grief and longing, but they get less intense, less often and shorter in duration.

Samuel is focused on finishing school and getting ready for college.  He is most practical and seems to have transitioned rather quickly.  Samuel really stepped out of his comfort zone and played High School Basketball.  It was incredibly fun watching him stretch like that.  I know that he still misses his mom, but he is ready to move into the next stage of life.   This year he was asked to give a speech in honor of the school’s head master, who is retiring this year.  Samuel wrote the speech himself, gave it expertly and showed an amazing amount of respect for Mrs. Shaw.  I am so proud of him!  Not only has Samuel transitioned into a handsome young man, he has turned into quite the statesman.  He will be leaving in August to go to college in Salem, Oregon.  He will be getting his degree in teaching and hopes to come back to Hawaii and would like to teach at his current school, Trinity Christian School.

Gabriel has excelled in a lot of different areas.  While he feels the release of the burden for caring for his mom, he still has, what has been termed as a “Sewing Machine” moment*.  That is where something reminds you of Jane and you are flooded with emotions.  He told me that Facebook recommended “Jane Arney” to be his friend and that caused a moment.  He realizes that he will have moments and that he misses his mom.  Gabriel played Volleyball and Soccer for his High School this year and is contemplating a Hat Trick of sports next year, volleyball, basketball and soccer.  He was incredible on the opening night of his play this year, A Mid Sumer’s Nights Dream.  From the time he walked out on the stage the opening night until the curtain dropped he had full control of the audience.  I was taken back because I was not expecting that depth of a performance from him.  While Gabriel and I are a lot a like, he has set himself apart this year.  Gabriel has a certain energy that draws people to him, he walks with the right amount of confidence,  he cares for people and has a disdain for drama and gossip.  I think he is still trying to understand what God has for him in the future and has begun to look at colleges.


Now as for me, I think this transition is the most complex, which is probably why it has taken me so long to update the blog.  The loss of Jane has been painful to say the least.  I don’t really understand the grieving process.  I have read a few books and I “understand” what the process is, but I don’t really understand it from a practical perspective.  I understand it better today then I did 8 months ago, but I feel there is still a long ways to go.

I often get ask how we are doing, more specifically how I am doing. I usually don’t think about how I am doing, until someone asks me.  I am usually unprepared to answer the question and I am not sure that I can answer anything other than, “We are doing good.”  It often feels awkward, but I try my best, because I know that it is well-meaning and heart-felt.  I also know that it does bring a small amount of comfort knowing that we are cared for.  So, I will try to give you a little insight in to how I am doing.  I get asked it in a lot of different ways so let’s start with this question.

How are you doing?  Life often overcomes me. Life is moving fast and I sometime have a hard time keeping up.  I found that I had relied on Jane a lot during times when I lacked motivation or direction.  This is especially true when I am tired.  There are things that need to get done and sometime I just don’t have the energy to do them.  Looking back at the last 8 months, the things that I have forgone because I was “tired” Jane would have pushed me to do them.

One of the hardest things to deal with is that I have unannounced moments of sadness and/or loneliness.  It can last for a couple of seconds or a couple of hours.  It can shape my whole day or parts of my day.  There is no rhyme or reason to these moments, they pop-up on their own terms.  Sometimes it is a powerful emotional experience, other times it is just sentiment.  Either way, my first thought is to take to the Lord and share it with Him.  He truly knows the depth of my pain, I don’t understand it, but I know that His comfort is there and it brings me peace. I had a new experience in the last couple of days.  Some of my moments have transitioned from bring sadness and loneliness to giving me a sense of joy or happiness.  Something will trigger a memory, a smell, a place or a song (usually not a song),  and I will remember it as a happy moment.

Don’t you have more time?  I have been asked this question a bunch of times. While our time was spent fully engaged in taking care of Jane, my time has not increased.  If anything the amount of time that I have has dwindled.  The boys lives were put on hold and they did not have the opportunity to do a lot of different things like, school outings, outing with friends and sports.  I have tried to get both boys to get their drivers licenses, but as of yet, I am the only licensed driver in the house.  This has advantages and disadvantages.  The disadvantage is that I have become a taxi, I get off work and drive the boys wherever they need to go.  Part of this is because of the sacrifices that they made for their mom, I really want them to be able to move on. Driving takes a good portion of my free time.  Now, the advantage of driving them, means that I have their undivided attention while they are in the car and I can control where and with whom they can go.

I have started to serve at church again.  I don’t feel qualified, but I trust that God will take care of the things that I have been blessed to participate in.  I may have taken on too much too soon.  I am still evaluating the balance between what I can do, what I should do and what I am responsible for.  I know that at this point in my life, my primary responsibility and ministry is my boys.  I have less than two years with Gabe and Sam will be out of the house in August.  While these are monumental moments and we are all excited for Sam’s new season of life, I know that I will miss him and that it is another change.

The Future

I know that life moves on.  It is not always to our liking, but we adjust and move on as well.  Samuel will go to college, as I have mentioned a couple of times.  Gabriel will start his Senior year of High School and I will continue to work and support them.

Gabriel will go with Aunty this summer to visit a few colleges in California and then spend some time in Washington with my sister and her family.  He is excited and really looking forward to it.

When Gabe gets back from Washington, Samuel and I will be getting ready to head to Oregon and get him all set up for his freshman year at Corban University.  Gabe will stay behind because his school will be starting and he has some leadership commitments.

Following my return from Oregon, Gabriel and I will be going on a missions trip to Tonga.  We are really excited and look forward to what God is going to do in and through us. This is the first team that our church will be sending out to Tonga.  Our goal is to serve as needed, build relationships and assess the needs of the local Foursquare Church.

What Tomorrow Holds

I am not sure what tomorrow holds for us, but I am assured of God’s grace on us.  We will continue to seek Him and what he has in store for the next season of life.  I know that without my God this terrible loss would have been beyond devastating.  I know that regardless of how I feel, or my lack of understanding, that God’s love (Eph 3:18) is deep enough and wide enough to cover all of my sadness, my hurt and my pain.  More than anything, I picture my Savior picking me up, brushing off hurt, telling me it will be okay  and then placing me back in life with a new determination to move forward on His behalf!

* A “sewing machine moment” is a phrase that we picked up from an NBC sitcom where a Sports radio talk show host loses his wife in a car accident and how a support group of other people who are struggling with issues get through life together.

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Memorial Service

I want to thank you all for you love and support though this process.  The whole family was blessed as each of you who got time to share with Jane over her last days.  I was alway amazed at the smile that came on to her face each time someone new walked in to the room.  Yes, we will all miss her!

Memorial Service

Jane’s memorial service will be held on at 7:00 PM, August 24th in our home church, Hope Chapel West Oahu.  I believe the doors will open at 5:30 PM, attire is casual Aloha. Our church has graciously agreed to stream Jane’s memorial service.  The few times that Jane was unable to make it to church, the boys and I gathered around Jane on the bed and watch the service via live stream.  It really encouraged Jane to participate in the service even when we couldn’t make it.  The service will be available at http://www.hcwo.com/live.

I will pass more information as it becomes available.

Thanks again for the kind thoughts, blessings and prayers!

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A Wonder Filled Life

Dear Friends,

Today, August 8th, at 1:30AM, surrounded by family,  friend and dogs, Jane went to be with our Heavenly Father.  Today will be the first day in many years that Jane will not suffer from the affliction of cancer.

Over the last couple of days, I have heard many testimonies of people whose lives were in some way alter for the sake of the kingdom.  Jane will best be remembered by the way that she lived her life, to be Jesus to those around her.  It didn’t matter if she was in Safeway, on the beach, or at chemo, Jane brought the presence of God with her and intentionally set out to share her life.

Thank you for your love and support!

Romans 10:15 “How beautiful are the feet of Messengers who bring good News!”

Jane you are beautiful!

August 6th, Hospice


Today we met with the hospice nurse.  She showed us how to care for Jane and gave us two hospice options.  Option one is to stay at home and we take care of her.  Option two is for her to stay at the hospice facility.  The choice is up to the patient/family.  Jane initially said that she wanted to go to the hospice center.  It took a little bit of work to understand why, but what it came down to is that Jane did not want to be a burden us with having to take care of her.  The hospice nurse told Jane to take the “b” from burden and change to “b” in blessing.  That brought a smile to her face and helped her to understand that we are here for her and that taking care of her during this time, no mater how hard it might be,  is a blessing to us and an important way for us to express our love to her.  I also told Jane, during this time, that it was our time to take care of her after all of the time that she had taken care of me and the boys.

The prognosis

The nurse covered how to clean Jane and work with the sheets on the bed.  In the process Samuel voiced his concern about who is going to take care of Jane once school starts. We told him we would manage and that he didn’t have to worry about that part.  Shortly after that, the nurse told me that, ” in all actuality Jane’s body is showing signs of declining and she probably does not have much longer.   The nurse went through all the drugs that we had for Jane and helped us to work out a regiment that will ensure that Jane is as comfortable as possible. After we signed a bunch of paperwork, the nurse ask if we had any questions.  I asked her what we can expect and how long we have with Jane.  She told us that from all the signs, that Jane could have 3 days to 3 weeks.  I plan on taking the time off to watch and care for Jane, and take care of the boys.


Please continue to lift our family up as we support and care for Jane.  Pray for Jane as she continue to be confused, has a hard time communicating and get frustrated. Pray for Pastor Brian, who has been here to support and control visitors.

Thank you for pray for us.

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End of a Long Day

We spent the day with a lot of friends and family, praying, and speaking softly to Jane.  For the majority of the day she slept peacefully, only opening her eyes and moaning occasionally.   After a number of people got to spend time with Jane the boys and I took some alone time to pray over Jane and share memories with her.  One of the most important things that Jane would talk about over the last couple of years was make memories for her and especially for the boys.

I told Jane that she is special to God and that her ministry to those around her are special as well.  She has always been one to ensure that everyone got ministered to.  Yesterday on the way home from lunch she notice a lady that was crying and proceeded to pray most of the way home.  As I was rubbing her feet today the Lord put Romans 10:15 on my heart.  “Beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!”

At about 7:00 PM Jane became aware of who was in the room and when she would wake up she would recognize who was in the room and communicate briefly and fall back to sleep.  Sometime her communication was with a sigh, a moan, calling for her parents or just a look of recognition.

We have been trying to give her pain medication to ensure that she is not in pain, but it is hard to tell since she is not able to communicate clearly.  As we close out the night continue to pray that Jane is not in any pain and for those of us here holding the night watch.  Tomorrow morning I will meet with the hospice nurse and start working with them.

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