Who you heard it from!


It was Friday afternoon when Jane and the boys came home from school. As I got to the top of the stairs my precious son Gabriel came in a looked at me with some sad eyes and said, “Mom has cancer again.” This was not really news to me, but it was a bit of a shock that it was coming from him. All I could do was ask him, “Why are you telling me instead of mom?” He replied, “Because I am sad.” My heart nearly broke.

Jane had been on the phone with the doctor in the car and poor Gabriel heard the whole conversation. When Jane came in she told me that the doctor, her surgeon, had called her and told her that she was really sorry to have to tell her, but it looks like the cancer had spread to the lungs, liver, spine and pelvis. The doctor then proceeded to tell Jane, “Don’t give up yet.” In Jane’s mine that translated to it’s really bad!

Since it was late Friday afternoon we could not call our oncologist and would not be able to call until Monday, this made for a very long weekend. On Friday afternoon Jane and I sat on the bed and cried together. We thought that the cancer was behind us and this seemed like it was really bad. We spent Saturday at the beach with family and relatives from Japan. We went to Hanauma Bay and went snorkeling. I was nice to just relax. I know that my mind was working overtime at the beach and I believe that Jane’s was too. The beach kind of helped to keep our minds off of the unknown.

Sunday was really hard for me, because every time I would look at Jane I would almost lose my composure. What was going through my mind was, “How is Jane coping with this.” It was truly a beautiful sight, Jane had her hands raised and was worshiping the Lord despite the unknown. She was almost glowing in her countenance. I spent most of the service holding back tears and just trying to get by.

Monday was a good day, Jane made an appointment with the oncologist, who made time for her. Jane’s oncologist is a Christian. She has people who work for her and volunteer that prays for each of the patients. The appointment was on Wednesday and the doctor confirmed that cancer had spread in Jane’s body. The doctor told us that it is Stage IV cancer and it has spread. The doctor said that she wanted to confirm how far the cancer had spread so we have a whole battery of test coming.

Who would of thought the cancer would come back so fast and so strong?


One thought on “Who you heard it from!

  1. My heart is so sad that you are going through this, but my faith is strong that God will be glorified in your lives, just like you’ve always asked Him to do. Reading about Jane worshipping despite the trial made me weep. Just today we sang “Blessed Be Your Name” at church and I thought of her as I worshipped our sweet Jesus. He is there to comfort you guys. We love, love, love you! Jodi

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