The Project

The Weekend

The week is over and all test are completed but one, the ultrasound of the Thyroid, that appointment is scheduled for Monday. We got great news, we will be seeing the new oncologist on Tuesday. This will be the big appointment because this is the appointment that will layout the treatment track.

The project

It’s Saturday, Jane and the boys are with her sister relaxing at a hotel (a deal they get from Todd’s sister, Keri). I stayed home to start on The Project!

The Project

That is our lanai. It was in total disrepair when we bought the house four years ago. Today, I tore off all of the rotten plywood that was used as a floor (it was very dangerous and you could not walk on it). By the time I was finish I was filthy and that was a ton of fun!


When Jane went through Chemo last time she told me that all she really wanted was to be able to sit out on the Lanai, read a book and enjoy the view, the best medicine for recovering from chemotherapy.

The View

The Other View

Our house is almost like a retreat center especially in the mornings and the evening. It is truly a peaceful place. This Project is something we haven’t had the money to complete, but we have been saving a little and we are getting some financial help. So instead of paying for the whole thing to be done, I have donned the hammer and will begin work on reconstructing the Lanai.

Can You Help?

I am not the best handyman and I could use help doing The Project. I will need some people familiar with construction and some people that just want to help and I’ll need some tools. I would like to finish The Project as soon as possible so that if Jane has to start Chemo and stop working she will be able to use the lanai to relax on.

Mike Vincent, a retired Seabee, coworker and fellow church member, has volunteered his service upon returning from vacation. I would, however, like to get a jump on it prior to his return. Please send me an email and let me know if you can help. THANKS!

Prayer and Fasting

Stef Anderson sent me an email, after I sent out the first notice of the recurrence, telling me that she was going to fast for Jane. Knowing that I could not coordinate this myself I asked Stef to coordinate fasting. She is doing a wonderful job! I you feel call to fast and want to participate in a coordinated effort please email Stef at:

This was pretty cool so I thought I would pass it on, here is the latest from Stef:

“Good morning friends of Jane,

I am in awe of God today. He speaks in so many different ways. This morning I was at a Bible study. The Pastor does not know that I am fasting. His teaching was on the woman at the well. Many things about that story touched my heart but the words that really stood out for me were John 4 verse 32 ” I have food to eat that you know nothing about.”
The Pastor encouraged us to meditate all week on verse 34 ” My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.”

I believe if you are fasting and praying with us that God has impressed upon your heart to deny yourself and stand in the gap for our sister Jane. I want to encourage you that there are others fasting. We are not the only ones. I met a woman yesterday who has been fasting for this whole week because God put Jane on her heart. She is doing a ten day

May Jane’s healing be High and lifted up.

To God be the glory


Here are our current prayer needs:

Jane’s ultrasound on Monday and our appointment with the Oncologist on Tuesday. Also, pray that Jane gets plenty of rest and her energy would return.

Continue to pray for our second opinion, we are trying to get all of our test results and records to Dr. Park at UCSF. My friend Rich has also given me a resource that is doing cutting research in cancer. I have had problems trying to reach him. We seem to be playing phone tag. Please pray that we make contact.

Pray for the boys, they seem O.K. but I think that this is starting to affect them. It is hard to explain how.

I am doing pretty good, my attitude remains positive and I am really trusting God on this. My job has been a little turbulent over the last week, please pray for peace.


Who would of thought that cancer could bring a move of God. I am excited for the number of people praying and fasting for Jane and our family! God is glorified!


2 thoughts on “The Project

  1. Hi Ray and Jane,

    We miss and love you all and you continue to be in our prayers. Darian is praying specifically for for the boys, too. Your love for each other and God through these times is inspiring and beautiful. Jane, thank you for sending the book and for your note! Love you all!
    Dave and Theresa

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