Here’s What I Know

Starting Backward

Jane had her port surgery today. It took about an hour and we were home by noon. Jane did great.

Yesterday, we saw Dr. Miyashiro she look over all of the records and results, then she had Jane get an X-RAY of her low body. The results from the biopsy on Saturday came back positive for Her2neu. The cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, as was verified by the biopsy, the lungs, bone (spine) and liver (liver is yet to be confirmed).

Jumping Forward, The Plan

Dr. Miyashiro told us that Jane will have to start and a number of new drugs. One of the drugs is a chemo drug called Taxotere. Jane will have 4 to 6 cycles of chemo to see if it is effective. The way that this works is that if you have a recurrence and the cancer has metastasised you will be on some sort of chemo treatment for the rest of your life. The Her2neu cancer has a tendency to be come drug resistant, click here for a great site on this. If the drug is effective then it will be used until it is shown to be ineffective. At that point a new chemo drug will be introduced. Jane will also be starting on Herceptin. This is good drug that is new and been shown to be very effective with minor side effects. The other drug Jane will be taking is call Zometa, it is use to build bone density. All this will start taking place within the next two weeks.

San Francisco, UCSF

We are still in waiting. We should find out tomorrow. I will post when I find out.

Prayer Needs

Pray for Jane’s healing! Then pray that her poor body will hold up under this strong regiment of drugs. Pray for her to be rested.


I was convicted on the way to church on Sunday that I needed to share a little bit deeper about how we are handling this and what God is doing through this. I am working on it. If I posted it with this it would be way to long. I might have to split it into two postings.

Who Would Have Thought?

Now you know what I know


One thought on “Here’s What I Know

  1. Ray, Jane, Sam, Gabe:

    I am at a loss for words to accurately communicate my heart (you would think that two years of graduate studies at Fuller would help huh!). Instead, here are some sound bites from my heart:

    Looking up
    Standing fast
    Pressing into Jesus
    Remembering moments spent together
    Missing you
    Loving you
    Longing for you
    Thankful for you

    Ray, Jane, Sam, Gabe, how greatly we miss you, love you, and long for you with the affection of Jesus Christ.

    Thomas & Emelda

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