Comfirmation Is King

Thanks to every one who offered and helped us to set up our trip. All of our arrangements for the trip have been confirmed. The last part that need to be completed was to send the doctors at UCSF the final results of the test, CT Scan, MUGA scan and Bone scan. Linda, Jane’s sister, fax them over this morning.

Big Words, Little Words

When I look at all the results there are some big words that I do not understand, then again there are a bunch of small words that I don’t understand. I will google them later. There was one phrase that I did understand, “No liver metastases.” That is great news, that means that the cancers has not spread to the liver. This is an answer to all of your prayers! Although to some prayer is considered and alternative medicine, I consider God as our primary care physician and prayer as the primary medicine.

Let’s keep praying!


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