A Minor Miracle? The Doctor

We met with Dr. Park yesterday afternoon, the first thing he said was, “It was a minor miracle that you got in to see me. Things worked out just right because this is the only time you could see me and this time became available.” It doesn’t strike me as odd that things worked out this way, many of you have been praying and fasting for us.

The Appointment

After a quick review of Jane’s history, Dr. Park gave us three options that he would recommend. The first option is to take herceptin with chemo, Taxotere or Taxol. The second option is hormone treatment. The last option is to take herceptin alone. His personal recommendation is the first option, which is pretty much the same treatment that Dr. Miyashiro recommended, but he gave us a few options within the same plan.

Two Take Aways

There were two things that I took from the meeting. The first is that it confirms the treatment that our doctor has recommend, it’s good to have that confidence.

The second thing I took from this meeting is a better understanding of what we are facing. The doctor said, “It cannot be wiped out (the cancer), but we can manage it.” The one thing that I had a hard time comprehending until this meeting was the lifelong impact this would have on us. When we first got the news that it was stage IV cancer I immediately thought that the chances for Jane’s survival was grim at best, especially after the disappointment that both the surgeon and the oncologist expressed after seeing the test results for the first time. Even after subsequent meetings with the doctors it seemed more like it would be experimental and if things worked out just right we might have a chance. After this meeting I understand things a little better. The cancer can be manageable, that means it CAN be treated like a chronic disease, such as, diabetes or heart disease. The way they deal with metastatic breast cancer is to try to stop it from spreading any further, there is no known cure and it becomes a life long ailment. There are no guarantees, but with the breakthrough in cancer drugs, especially the ones that deal with Jane’s type of cancer, there is enough evidence to show that it can be managed. Dr. Park seemed to think that we caught the recurrence early. While the cancer has spread to both lungs, he said that is was really small and that with treatment that it would either shrink or it could be stopped from spreading further. This gives me much more hope.

Jane is scheduled to start chemo/herceptin on Monday. After two or three month of these treatments, CT and Bone Scans will be run to determine the effectiveness of the chemo. Depending on the outcome of the scans, the doctor could change treatments or just continue as long as they are effective. This is the big unknown.

Without Prediction

No one can predict the future and I am not going to try. The future for us will work itself out a day at a time, then a week and then a month and so on, as God sees fit. We will have to see how the chemo affects Jane, last time it was very hard on her. Depending on how she responds to the medication, we will try to keep our lives as normal as possible for the boys and for our sanity. I will probably focus most, if not all of my energies on taking care of Jane and the boys. This will be time well spent as it will allow Jane to rest and recuperate after each of the treatments.

The Great Physician

Although there is no known cure for metastatic breast cancer, there is a God who can and does heal. The real cure for this type of disease can only come from God himself. So with that I ask that you pray for us.

Good: pray that Jane responds to the therapy and the cancer does not spread.

Better: pray that the cancer shrinks and Jane does not have a reaction to the drugs.

Best: pray for a complete healing of her body. My friend Rich has prayed for us, he called the cancer cells rebellious. Ask God to bring the rebellious cancer cells into submission to Jane’s natural body immunities and restore order to her body.

Please continue to pray for us as we return, tomorrow. The future is still as clear as mud and we need to see how Jane responds and reacts to medication. Pray for the way that we will have to adjust our life to deal with this and how God can use us and this to bring greater glory to him.

What Made This Trip

There are few things that I need to mention, God has been most faithful in bringing us to the city for this appointment. Many of you have given us encouragement; lifted us up in pray and some of you have fasted for us. I cannot thank you enough. Others have provided financial support, and still others have used their resources to provide us with comfortable accommodations and travel arrangements. Thank you!

You have all been a blessing to us and we could not face this without you!



  1. Jane and Ray,

    I am speechless. I can’t even pretend to know what you are feeling. I do know how I feel. My heart is sad. My eyes hurt from crying. I am anxious trying to understand the unknown.

    What I do know, is that Jane is everything that a Woman of God should be. She has Blessed so many of us and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for everything you have shared.

    My prayers are with your family. Your precious boys, a safe journey back home, the road ahead that will lead to your complete healing, painless treatments without all the side effects, peace and comfort.

    Jane, you know that you can call me for anything. Have a safe trip and we will talk soon. God Bless Always!

    Love you,


  2. Praying for you guys. We are praying for you guys everyday and know that it’s a miracle in the making. God is still good and still in control…whew! Praise God!

  3. hi, found your website while looking for info on Taxotere and herceptin. My wife starts treatment next week. Good luck and God be with you. I’ve heard/read that the side effect of Taxotere are not as bad as other traditional chemo meds. Lets hope so. Best wishes. Jim Flaherty

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