The Next Chapter

The Plan

On Friday we had a phone consul with our doctor. We told her what Dr. Park told us and she was very supportive. The one thing that we were able to communicate is how very sensitive Jane is to medication. Once Dr. miyashiro understood this, we were able to have the dose of Taxotere reduced and and given on a weekly schedule vice the 21 day schedule that is standard. We are hoping that by moving to this plan the side effects won’t be as hard on Jane.


Tomorrow starts Jane’s first day of chemo. We are not really looking forward to it, but understand that it is necessary. We are not to sure how it will affect her, so I took Monday off. I will take her to the appointment and then monitor how she reacts. I will go back to work on Tuesday, but I think I will be on call in case she needs me.


Pray that Jane doesn’t have a reaction to the chemo. That she is does not get tired or sick/nauseated.

Pray for me as I will be working double time to keep the boys caught up in their homework and making sure the house is in reasonable repair (clean) so that Jane can relax and recoup.

Pray for the boys, as I know that this will have some affect them. Pray that it build character and strength, not anger or bitterness.

Also, please pray for Jim and Barbara Flarherty, they are in a similar circumstance. Barbara will start Chemo, the 21 day version of what Jane is doing, on Tuesday. She is also sensitive to medication, so pray that she will not have side effects.

As Always

Thank your for your prayers and support, you have really made a difference!

May God be merciful and bless you.
May His face smile with favor on you.

from Psalms 67:1


One thought on “The Next Chapter

  1. We pray in Jesus’ strong name for no side effects from the chemo or meds and that Jane will be granted extreme mercy as she goes through this. We also pray for strength in her body and spirit and that Jesus will sustain her through the nourishment of His Holy Spirit. We lift up Ray and the boys, that they will lean on the Lord’s compassion and through that, they will be encouraged and refreshed. We love you guys!

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