Hot One


I wanted post earlier but we have been quite busy and we have been trying to see how the meds were going to effect Jane. Monday and Tuesday were not to bad, but starting on Wednesday the Fever started again. The Tylenol work a little and the fever went down, but kept coming back. The fever came back on Thursday and has not gone away. Last night it got as high as 103.

Doctors Orders

I call the doctor just a few minutes ago. She to explain to her that Jane has had a fever for two days and that Tylenol and Motrin are not having an affect on it. She instructed me to take Jane to the emergency room at queens and they would try to figure out the what is causing the fever.

A Call To Prayer

Please pray for us as we head to the hospital. Pray that the fever breaks and that her cough goes away. Pray that the doctors can find out what is causing the fever.


I will update you when I get back tonight or early tomorrow morning.

They boys are doing fine they are staying the night at auntie’s house and are excited because the get to go to her church tomorrow.

More Later


4 thoughts on “Hot One

  1. We are praying for you! And Pastor Sumo had the whole church pray for Jane at Saturday night services. Thought you would like to know.

    Diane & Jack England 🙂

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