Well, last night was fun. We got the hospital about 5:30 pm. We got into an ER room about 6:10 pm. They took blood twice and we saw the ER doctor around 8:00 pm. His guess was pneumonia due to a weaken immune system (caused by chemo) and he said that they would probably admit Jane. They pumped Jane full of antibiotics. About 11:00 pm, doctor number 2 came in, that is about 6 1/2 hours after arrival, said he was internal medicine and that he would be admitting Jane. At about 1:00 AM I ask one of the nurse if they were going to admit Jane, the nurse told me that they were and she would check on it. 15 minutes later the nurse came back and they moved Jane to a room. At around 2:15 am, we got to the room and they did all the checks and got Jane settled. I let Jane get some sleep and headed home. It was a long night and I wonder how much long it would have been if I hadn’t asked the nurse about being admitted.

This Morning

One of the oncologist from Dr. Miyashiros group did rounds this morning and said it looked like pneumonia and she would be getting more antibiotics. Although the doctor did not say it, Jane and I believe they will probably keep her one more night.


If you feel the need to visit please call me on my cell phone to coordinate. Jane really need the rest and with concerns for the immune system, I will be very judicious on the visits. Thanks for understanding.


Please pray for all the things above


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