Breath Of Life

Good News

Yesterday was a hard day for Jane. Thanks for those of you who covered us, it was really needed. Jane had a high fever yesterday that spiked up to 105 at one point. She was truly miserable and ended up take a cold shower to bring her body temperature down. Today Jane is doing much better and her fever has gone down to just below a hundred.


Today we had a visit from the infectious disease doctor. He ask a bunch of questions and then told us that he thought that it was pneumonia brought on by a blockage in one of the passages in the lung. He believes that the blockage is cause from the metastases (the spreading of the cancer). Not that the cancer is growing but that it has been there for a little while and the fluids just continued to build up. The doctor told us that a lung specialist would have to confirm this.


How to deal with the blockage? The doctor said that there are two ways to deal with the blockage. One is to continue chemo and the chemo will shrink it. Or two, a laser can be used to open up a passage through the blockage, then continue chemo to shrink it.

What Now?

Jane will be getting a CT scan today to complement the X-Ray that was taken earlier today. At some point the lung specialist will take a look at the CT scan and the X-Rays to determine what is going on. If it is still inconclusive I think they may stick a scope in to look at the blockage.  Dr. Miyashiro will be in tomorrow to see Jane and talk about the treatment for the cancer.

Once the specialist and doctors have completed there analysis, we will probably look for a second opinion from another lung specialist.


Please pray that Jane continues to get better.

Please pray for the boys as they miss being with their mother and life is chaotic for them right now.


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