Exit Strategy

Going Home?

There is a possibility that Jane will be going home tomorrow or Friday.  It depends on two things.  First, the doctors are weaning Jane off of the IV antibiotics.  Then they will monitor her to ensure that the fever does not come back.  Second, Jane had an X-Ray of the chest this morning if it is the same as the others or better they will release her.  As far as the day they release her, that is up to Dr. Coo, the infectious diseases doctor.  He seem pretty cautious so that is why it could be Friday.

Visiting Hours

Jane is now able to accept visitors without masks and can receive flowers and such.  Her white blood cell count went back up and she is doing much better.

Praise and Thanks

First, we need to praise God as he has been faithful to bring us through this!  Next, I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate each of you who have prayed, called, sent cards and encouraged us.



4 thoughts on “Exit Strategy

  1. The Durants are praying for you and want you to know we love you!

    Please don’t hesitate to call, Ray, if you, Jane or the boys need anything. We’re here.

    Ron, Lei-Ann, Moku and Haku

  2. Praise God for His continuing and unfailing faithfulness.. we’ve been keeping you in our devotions and daily prayers.. hopefully we’ll be able to have lunch together back in Oahu in December.. I’ll e-mail you our itinerary brother Ray!


  3. Brother Ray and family. Aloha from my family. Wife Lisa, sons Pana, Devin and Pono. Your family is an inspiration to many others that are looking in and that includes us. Our prayers are with you all. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. If you ever need anything please let me know. Take care brother Evile.

  4. Hi Jane, You may not remember me–Dave Hamilton’s “big” sister, now a missionary in South America for 23 years. Just wanted to let you know you are on my prayer list too as a friend of Dave and of Rosana.

    I’m studying Hannah and seeing how her situation seemed to her like her whole world, but in reality, God used her prayer for a son she would dedicate to him to answer her own prayer, to straighten out the corrupt priesthood in Israel, and to bring the nation back to God (1 Sam. 7:15-17). We all have our problems that take up our whole world–and your problem does!–but God has an even bigger plan in mind and this is why He allows these things. It’s so hard to see the big picture when we are the one under the microscope.

    With prayers that you can trust God for the big picture, Sharon

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