Feeling Better

The Fever Broke

Yesterday was a good day for Jane, her fever broke and she was feeling much better. Her appetite returned and she had more energy.

Blood Count

Although Jane felt better yesterday, her White blood cell count was low. The doctors believe that it is because of the Taxol/chemo. The white blood cell count usually drops between 8 and 10 days after treatment.


Jane said that she is up to having some visitors. Please be aware of the following if you visit.

Continue to coordinate visits with me, you can call my cell.

Due to the low white blood cells, Jane has been put in protective isolation. This means that if you visit you will be required to wear a mask the entire time you are in the room.

Important: If you are sick, have been sick in the last week, or feel like you might be getting sick, you may not visit.

– Please understand that Jane is still recovering and may be or get tired. Look for signs and keep visits short.

– Due to the protective isolation, no fresh flowers, plants or outside food is allowed.


Thank you for your prayers through this difficult time. Jane and I really appreciate all of your support and know that we couldn’t do this on our own.


5 thoughts on “Feeling Better

  1. WOO HOO! We are so happy to hear that Jane’s fever has subsided. We praise our Lord Jesus Christ for his protection and we ask that He increase her white blood cells to their normal level. We love you guys! We are always with you in heart and spirit, despite the distance.

  2. Oh, Praise God! Ray, thank you so much for the updates. Please tell Jane that we are all praying – especially Kai. Sometimes in addition to praying that God “would make Aunty Jane feel better”, Kai will pray “that Aunty Jane will drink her milk and get bigger”. 🙂 Let me know when it is ok to phone her – Kai just got over a cold and we cannot visit.
    Love you guys!

  3. Jane and Ray,

    I am so thankful you are doing better! God surely answered our prayers and we will continue to pray for your strength to come back and for your WBC’s to come up.

    We love you!
    Rosana and Dan

  4. So happy to hear Jane is feeling better. You are in our thoughts, in our hearts, and, always, in our prayers.
    Dave, Theresa, and Darian

  5. Aloha Loved Ones—
    I went to your website knowing the Lord blessed you. Praise God Jane!
    Continue to Good Fight of Faith–God Bless to all—Doreen

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