Muesday (Moosday)

What is Muesday?

A Muesday is all of Monday’s stuff piled on Tuesday’s stuff because of the holiday on Monday. So, there you have it, today is Muesday. The calendar equation is, a holiday Monday + Tuesday = Muesday (hM+T=T2). đŸ™‚

Since The Last Update

Jane came home from the hospital on Thursday and spent the weekend recovering. Sunday she was able to go to church. Monday we saw the doctor and got the thumbs up on health. Jane spent the rest of the week rest in Kauai with her sister, mother and the boys.

I, on the other hand, spent the week working and attending Leadership Advantage 2007 at Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay . LA07 featured Dr. Leslie Keegel of Sri Lanka and Pastor Ralph Moore. I have attend a few Leadership Advantages, but I would have to say that Pastor Ralph’s opening message was by far the most thought provoking message I have heard in a long time. I’m think you could buy the message on CD by going to the website or calling their (HCKB) resource center. I do not have the notes in front of me to give you the blow by blow, but the subject matter was about healing in the church and some of the ways that the church has tried to banish the practice of healing. He started with Hebrews 13:1 – 13, to talk about, “do not be attracted by strange new ideas.” Pastor Ralph discussed 7 ideas that have been passed down and some still taught today in many churches, that in the first 300 years after Christ would have been thought to be heresy. A resource that was mentioned was the book, The Nearly Perfect Crime” by Francis MacNutt. I will probably pick it up at some point because I have always been fascinated by spiritual gifts especially the gift of healing. I have a lot of questions concerning this and the message that Pastor Ralph gave Wednesday night really got me thinking about Biblical healing and the way that I have seen it practiced in the church.

Meanderings On Healing

I believe that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” I believe the gifts of the spirit are for today and did not pass away with the apostolic church fathers. The most profound thing I heard from Pastor Ralph’s message is that the Bible only talks about praying for healing one time, in the book of James. The other times healing is discussed you see that the disciples are command to go and heal in Jesus name or we see it done, not by prayer but by someone taking authority over sickness, disease, demons or death, see Act chapter 3 (Dr. Keegel spoke out of this chapter at our church Saturday night and Sunday). What I took away from this is that we can and should pray for healing of the sick, but there is another dynamic in scripture when it comes to healing, which is, taking authority over sickness and commanding the healing of a person in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, again see Act 3. There are numerous accounts I can think of off the top of my head where faith and the spoken word have brought healing, Jesus and the Roman Centurion, Peter and the man that fell out of the upper room. I am not sure where prayer leaves off and authority, the spoken word and faith take over. I’m sure they all work together, but very rarely do we see this practiced in the body of Christ as demonstrated in the New Testament. I have heard of all kinds of excuses, such as, “God has given us all this medical technology and great doctors that we don’t need this kind of healing.” (I am not saying that we shouldn’t use medical treatment, it is obvious that we are pursuing the best medical treatment that we can for Jane.) or, “To see this kind of thing you need to go to a third world country.” I don’t believe that! I am, I guess the best way to explain it, frustrated with the lack of healing that happen in and out of the church. Dr. Keegel was sharing a testimony of how he was going to visit some church planters. The church planters had arranged a visit to a Buddhist orphanage for the deaf, dumb and blind, in which they told the director of the orphanage that Dr. keegel would pray for the children and they would all be healed. As Dr. keegel was getting ready to go to the orphanage he explained he felt that if God didn’t heal he would be humiliated. I don’t want to take his comment out of context and I’m not busting on his faith because God did a great work in the orphanage, healing all 22 of the deaf, dumb and blind children. I believe this testimony was given to illustrate how the power gift of faith works. My question is why do we have to have that fear of humiliation? I don’t see it in the New Testament. When the disciples were sent out by two they came back with great stories of healing and freedom. Maybe the disciples did feel like Dr. Keegel on the initial journey, but all the accounts of healings that I have read are accounts of confidence. Will we ever come to a place in our walk with the Lord, that we walk confident and boldly, in a spirit of humility that we can discern the needs of those around us, being vessels, able to pour out the Lord’s blessing of healing and freedom?

Faith and Healing

I am keenly aware of what seems like limitations that Jesus faced in regards to faith and healing, this is seen in the account of Jesus returning to Nazareth. Matt 13:57-58/Mark 6:1-6, “And they were deeply offended and refused to believe in him. Then Jesus told them, ” a prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his own family. And so he did only a few miracles there because of there unbelief.” Whether Jesus is limited because the people fail to have faith in Jesus or whether Jesus was not willing to heal because the people didn’t believe, I’m not sure. Jesus being God could have healed, but it seems that he chooses to heal in response to faith. I am not sure if that puts the responsibility on God or on the believer to have the faith to receive or administer healing. It seems that there are evidence of both types of healing, Jesus told the woman who was bleeding for 12 year that her faith had made her well, and on the other hand Peter and John commanded the man to stand in the name of Jesus. We see both faith based healing and authority based healing, all, of course, done by the power of the Holy Spirit/Jesus.

I believe that Jesus heals today. I would like to believe that healings are still being accomplish in the way that it is described in the New Testament. I have read the accounts of Aimee Semple McPherson (1920’s to 1940’s) and heard the testimony of Dr. Keegel. Sister Aimee started a Bible college and trained many minsters in this manor of ministry, some of which I have had the honor of meeting. Dr. Keegel has also started a Bible college and many church, he has turned out numerous pastors who move in the same gifting. Jesus spent time with the disciples and sent them out to “cast out demons and heal the sick.” I have been in meetings where people have been healed. While these things happen, some of them document, we (maybe just I) have not been discipled in this powerful ministry of the church. The closes thing to discipleship in the area of power ministry/healing has been from the ministry of John and Sonya Decker in the form of short seminars. The Deckers are very effective in their training ministry and provide many good resources. I realize that healing and casting out demons is only part of the ministry, Paul spent a large portion of time preaching and teaching as did the rest of the disciples, the fullness of ministry brings a balance.

Then I have to ask the question, what about “To some the gift of healing?” ….. I could go on….

I Could Go On

But, I won’t! These are just some of the things that I am thinking about/studying, please don’t bash my theology or philosophical musings. I have just begun take a deeper look at Biblical healing. Please comment and provide constructive feedback, I would like to see what others think.

What Does Muesday Mean For Jane?

Today, Jane saw the doctor then proceeded to get the triple whammy! Zometa, Taxol and Herceptin. The treatment took about 3 1/2 hours. I pick her up at 4:00, brought her home, she look great, and I made dinner. She will probably go to sleep early tonight and get some rest.

What we expect

Last time Jane took the Zometa she had fever and bone ache. We are not sure if the fever was from the Zometa or something else. Taxol she also had a fever and flu like symptoms again were not sure if she reacted to the drugs or if it was the onset of the Pneumonia. With the herceptin, Jane took it last week and it seem do have no side effects. The most common side effect with herceptin is fever. I expect that Jane will most likely experience some flu like symptoms. I am not sure how long it will take for the side effect to manifest. The thing we will have to watch is when Jane reaches Nadir. Basically, it is when the white blood count drops, it is usually between 8 and 10 days after the chemo is administered. That means that she will get a second chemo treatment prior to hitting Nadir. Anyways, that is where we are at, I’ll keep a close eye on her and pray that she doesn’t react to the treatment.


Please continue to pray for Jane as she endures the chemo treatments. Pray that the cancer would shrink or be gone all together. I’m not sure how the treatment would go, but it would pave the way for Jane to switch to only herceptin.

Pray for Gabriel as he goes back to school this week and for Samuel as he will be home.

May God’s blessing be on you!


6 thoughts on “Muesday (Moosday)

  1. I hate Muesdays! I love three-day weekends though, so I can’t complain! The conference sounds like it was great. I believe God is still doing great works in healing through us “little” people here on earth. I can now say I have seen it with my own two eyes. We will continue to pray for Jane and healing for her — nothing will keep us from that!

    Don’t forget through this all, to take time for yourself, as well.

    Blessings to you all,
    Dave, Theresa, and Darian

  2. Your theological ramblings were exactly in line with what Eric and I have said since we first heard about the cancer coming back: if Jesus says that He will heal, we MUST believe Him! Last year I was at a conference with Francis MacNutt and his teachings on biblical healing are so inspirational and such a reminder of the simplicity of our faith in regard to what the Word REALLY says about healing as opposed to our “traditions”. We’re still believing for a real, bonafide, supernatural miracle!!! We love you guys!

  3. All I can say is that this is a terrible situation. Yet, an opportunity to let
    God enter into this situation. God Heals! Period. He does not want for anyone to suffer. Please turn to God in a deeply personal way, and He will provide.
    Sorry if I spoke in a manner that distresses…but the ultimate healer, God Almighty, enters into situations where nobody thinks He would. Pray that He does just this, in this situation, and He will provide.
    A (some who would question) passionate follower of Jesus Christ.
    Wadley, Alabama…a believer in Christ’s compassion.

  4. Hi Ray,

    Thanks so much for sharing the heart-issues you are grappling with. I hear you about healing and the church- why we have so much fear about praying for healing. When I was on a short term mission trip to the Philippines, a pastor brought me around to people’s homes and the local hospital to pray for people’s healing…and I had that fear…”What if they aren’t healed, will they disbelieve in God?…Will I struggle with my own faith?” Last weekend we (a group of friends and family) just had a prayer session over my niece, Amelia, who has just turned one. Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with Leigh’s disease, which means her brain is deteriorating and her prognosis is loss of physical and mental function until death at about age 2 or 3. There was a woman in the prayer group, praying just like you mentioned, in the authority of Christ, binding the illness. She prayed for our faith, to be the kind that moves mountains.

    I remember that one man in the Bible (Mark 9) whose son was tortured by attacks from an evil spirit. He said to Jesus, “But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.” Jesus replied, “If you can? Everything is possible for him who believes.” The man exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Jesus healed the boy. The disciples weren’t able to heal the boy; Jesus said, “This kind can only come out by prayer.” I like this passage because it puts the focus on God, his power, his ability, not my abiltiy to muster up a confidence I don’t have unless I’m lying. To be able to say, “Help me with my unbelief” and to go to God in prayer knowing He is the healer.

    All this to say, I hear you, Ray. I appreciate you sharing your honest thoughts about healing. I had the greatest time hanging out with you, Jane and the whole VC gang at dinner. I have a letter coming in the mail that Jane will get soon.

    With love,

    Laura Pappakostas

  5. Hi Ray,

    I appreciate your candor.

    I’ve wondered not just about healing but about God answering prayer in general as well. I know He does. But it’s the “how” He’ll answer that makes me anxious. Even with the peace of God, there’s still a sliver in the back of my mind knowing that God will answer but still anxious over how.

    We’re praying for all of you. It pains me to think you’re going through this.

    We’re in Washington DC at the moment. Just bought a house in Alexandria, VA. If you feel the need or want to visit our nation’s capital, you’re welcome to stay with us. David’s being restationed at ONI after this stint at the Navy Yard, so we’ll be here a few more years. I work at the State Dept.

    Always praying for you.

    Love ya,
    Jennie & David Miller

  6. Hi Mrs. Arney
    This is Ethan and family. We have been having trouble with our email, sorry! This is the first time we have been on your blog. We miss you and are praying for you always. God Bless !!!!=)

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