A Little Something For Gabe

When I say “little” I mean little, like the virus kind of little.

Sorry, for not updating sooner but Gabriel has been sick for the last week and a half. At first we thought it was just the flu….


To further confirm our suspicions I came down with a fever last week on Thursday and had to miss work. Jane and the boys left me at home Thursday and stayed the night at her parents house. Gabriel’s fever was gone (like the flu)… or so we thought…


Gabriel, who was out of school Thursday and Friday because of parent / teacher conferences, went to a friends house on Friday. Friday evening as we were settling down for bed Gabriel’s fever came back.


Gabriel’s fever remained and we began to think that maybe he had some type of infection.


Jane took Gabriel to the doctor.  The doctor checked Gabe for strep and sinus infections, both came back negative. The doctor took blood and told Jane that would call us with the results. Jane dropped Gabe off at home and went to chemo.

I picked up Jane from chemo in the afternoon and we went home. Poor Gabe still had a fever.

Today / Tuesday

Jane took Gabriel back to the doctor.  The doctor told Jane that Gabriel did not have the flu.  What he has is much worse,  he has Mononucleosis. He will be out of school for the rest of this week and possibility next week.

Late Addition

Today is Thursday and I still haven’t gotten this post out.  Sorry again.  As you know Gabe has had a fever for over a week now.  His fever goes as high as 104.  The doctor told Jane that it could go as high as 106.  We are feeding him Tylenol  to keep the fever manageable.  We have quarantined Gabe to the downstairs and  Samuel has pick up the load of Gabe’s chores.


Yesterday (now three days ago) Jane had a second round of chemo since the pneumonia. The side effects from chemo so far are, itchy hands, fatigue and restlessness. The doctor prescribed Allegra for the itchy hands and it seems to work pretty well. As far as the tiredness all we can do is let her get rest. The doctor said that she will get scans at the end of November. The scans will be to see if the cancer has shrunk, stopped growing or spread.

We are praying that it not only shrinks but that it disappears completely.


Please pray for Gabe that he get over the Mono quickly and that we can keep him caught up at school.

Continue to pray for Jane that she responds well to the chemo and that the cancer is gone when she gets the scans.

Pray for Samuel, who feels like he has to do everything! It is partially true, he does a lot and does most of it with a great attitude. He is a real blessing!

Pray for the whole family as this is taking an extra toll on us.

Thanks for your prayers!


2 thoughts on “A Little Something For Gabe

  1. Thank you Samuel for picking up the slack! Your diligence is greatly appreciated. We will add Gaboo to the healing prayer list. Continue to keep up the great attitudes with the obstacles!
    We love you guys!

  2. I’m so sorry you are sick, Gabe! I had mono once, too, and it was miserable! We’ll be praying for you. Samuel, you’re an awesome big brother and son.
    Hugs and prayers to you all,
    Dave, Theresa, and Darian

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