A Scan Of The Horizon

Jane went to chemo today and found out that she is on a “3 on, 1 off” schedule when it comes to the chemo. So today she did not have her Taxol treatment, it was the 1 off week. She did have Herceptin which is weekly and Zometa which is monthly.

How’s Jane doing?

Good question and a lot of you have asked. Jane is doing fantastic. If you didn’t know that she had cancer you wouldn’t even think of it. The biggest thing that she deals with is fatigue. She just get tired and rest must follow as soon as possible. The Zometa will give her a slight fever and her bones will ache. It is almost like having the flu without the bodily expulsions. She will just feels miserable.

Scan Time

Jane will be getting scans next week. She will be getting a CT scan and a bone scan. The doctor should have the results by Friday. This is where we really need to pray for God’s hand on Jane. The best thing would be that the cancer is gone!


We are excited that “The Project” is underway. Please pray that everything goes smooth. Pray for the scans and God’s complete healing of Jane’s body. Pray for the boys as we head into the holidays.


You prayed for my work and God did a miracle, he changed my attitude and the job has gotten much better. It’s not perfect but I’m doing much better.

Gabriel went back to school last week and is doing Great!

Jane has hit the cap for the insurance this year and her insurance just kicked in. This is a major milestone because it means that we no longer have to pay co-pays for the rest of this year. The other great thing about this is that her insurance will cover the major things, then my insurance will cover the rest.

Back to prayer,

I’m not sure how long her insurance will last since she has not been working and come January the copay will be reset for the year.

Thanks For Your Prayers And Support!


One thought on “A Scan Of The Horizon

  1. Hi Jane, Ray and Boys!
    Glad to hear Jane has been feeling better and that Gabriel is back in school! Jane, I hope you continue to battle this with strength, courage, and the knowledge that God is on your side. We love you!
    Theresa, Dave, and Darian

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