Weather Permitting

When I put out the first put out the call for The Project, many of you responded enthusiastically. Many people wanted to come out and help, but I know very little about construction and have a hard time drawing a straight line with a ruler.

As a result, my good friend, Jon (a construction manager by trade), volunteer to head up the project. After carefully looking over the project, planning and putting together the material list, we are finally ready to get started. Jon has broken down the project in to 4 days. We will be hitting it hard weather permitting on the following dates.

11/10/07 – I need 3 to 4 people to pull nails and do a little demolition.

11/17/07 – We will need about 4 people to work on the structure (nailing cutting and whatever)

11/24/07 – 4 more to do the same as the 17th and maybe some decking.

12/1/07 – 4 people to help with the decking.

12/??/07 – Completion/Christmas open house (Maybe, depends on how Jane is feeling)

If you still want to volunteer I put Jon’s email address in my last email to you. Please CC: me too. I will be coordinating the nail pulling this weekend.

Thanks for all of your support.


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