Scanning Is Believing

What Did The Doctor Say?

We arrived at Dr. Miyashiro office at about 1:30 PM. We had a short wait in the room as the results were faxed to her office. As we went through the 6 pages of the CT and Bone scans it was apparent that your prayers and the treatments are working. Dr. Miyashiro seem quite pleased as she began reading the results back.  We were all SMILES (Including the doctor)! 


It looks like some of the areas of cancer have decreased in size by up to half! The report also said that there was a “Regression of bone metastases.” All-in-all this means progress.

The Treatment Plan

The treatment plan will remain the same and we will be looking to do scans again in about 2 to 3 months. That means Taxol 3 weeks on 1 week off, Herceptin every week and the Zometa about once a month.  Dr. Miyashiro told us that Jane will need to stay on this course of treatment for a while, meaning all the cancer disappears, the Taxol stops working or the treatment side effects do more damage then good.  I’m praying for number one the cancer disappears.

The Road Ahead

Let me look back… Prior to being diagnosed with the recurrence of the cancer, Jane started Weight Watchers was working hard to get into shape. I think that this has helped her in this fight. The chemo drugs have has some effect on her and she has had to slow down quite a bit. As I have said before, if she get tired we have to stop whatever we are doing and go home to let her rest. When Jane came down with pneumonia/Mononucleosis it threw a lot of things out of whack. She has just gotten back to pre-pneumonia/Mononucleosis shape. Jane, with the approval of the doctor has been play volleyball with me once a week and she tries to do some kind exercise every day, usually a short walk. Samuel has been a real trouper and loves to go on these short walks with Jane.

Keep Praying

Even with all the great news, please keep praying for Jane.  Her hair still looks good but she is losing a lot of it.   Pray that she continue to keep healthy and the treatments continue to work.  Pray for God’s healing hand on this whole battle and for a complete healing.

Thank You So Much For Your Prayers!


3 thoughts on “Scanning Is Believing

  1. Praise God. What a blessing to hear how God is working in Jane and the entire family. I agree that the Lord is healing/has healed Jane through His word. We are keeping up the prayer front in Hilo. Hopefully we will call you on Monday when we come to Oahu.


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