A Blessed Day With The Family

First, Happy Thanksgiving! I was just thinking about the last couple of years and more then ever I can tell you, each Thanksgiving is a blessing from God. This Thanksgiving marks the second year since Jane found the lump in her breast, that we later found out was cancer. So, when I say that this Thanksgiving is a blessing, I mean it!

The Unexpected Evil

This unexpected evil (Yes, cancer is evil, it is a bunch of rebellious cells that have gone outside of God’s original plan for our bodies. I could go on, but I would be digressing) has caused a lot of changes in our lives, but in return it has brought a lot of blessings. In fact, there are so many blessing that I cannot even begin to count them or begin to thank the number of people who have blessed us! But true thanks need to be given where all blessings come from:

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” (Ephesians 3:20, NLT)

God has indeed blessed us more then we could ever ask or think, so we give all glory and thanks to Him!

The Battle Of Good And Evil

When we embarked upon this battle between “Good (Jane’s healthy body) and Evil (the invading force of cancer). We had no idea where it would lead. What we did/do know is that God is Sovereign. We trusted that God would take us through this, which He is. What we didn’t know is that when we won the first battle, the enemy would start a covert operation to destroy Jane’s body from multiple points.


When the intelligence experts (doctors) came back with reports of a wide spread rebel insurgence, we were taken by surprise. The attack was expertly executed and the expansive spread of cancer throughout Jane’s body shook our family forces.


Although, we were shaken, a little fearful and perplexed as to why the enemy had advanced so far into healthy territory, God had prepared us for this moment! The years of walking with the Lord, both as individual “Christian Solders” and together as part of a larger army, “The Church”, had prepared us to take the fight to the enemy.

The training has been rigorous, each time we heard a sermon, each time we prayed, each time we felt let down but trusted in the Lord, each time we shared our lives with someone and each time someone shared their lives with us, each time we faced a tough situation and allowed the Lord to shine, each time we faced a tough situation and failed to let the Lord shine, we learn what it meant to trust in the winner of all wars. This trust has given us the ability to face what seems to be the toughest battle with courage and strength. To be honest this enemy doesn’t stand a chance.

The Enemy’s Army

While the commander and chief of this army may be cancer, he has a number of other officers enlisted on his side. They come in the form of fear, doubt, self pity, anger and frustration. Most of this work is to sabotage the already won victories of the king. They run sneak attacks at the command of the army’s most deceiving general, Satan. It is easy to fall into some of the enemy’s snares, if we are not careful and diligent. These snares are not new and they are not beyond recognition. Part of our training has been to use the battle handbook (The Bible), which exposes the enemy’s schemes and gives us strategies and weapons to withstand the enemy’s attacks. As a matter of fact when we stand firm against the enemy, he flees from us. We face a cowardly enemy.

Taking The Offense

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” (Romans 8:28, NLT)

Since we know that God is Sovereign, we know that He will bring the best out of this battle. As the result of God’s sovereignty, we have taken this battle to the enemy, both cancer and satan himself, by trusting in the Lord and not leaning on our own understanding.

Our Commander and Chief, God, has seen fit to call together an Army of Saints to step out and lead a fight against the evil that has inflicted Jane and our family! It is this Army, you, that has given us the courage and stamina to continue to fight. In the darkest nights wondering how we might go on, there is a soldier praying for us. On the longest days when the fighting is worst, special ops teams are fast in response. In quiet moments an affirming touch, a silent glance or a simple card brings steadfastness. The enemy has no defense for the Body of Christ!



The Thanksgiving Blessing

Yesterday started off with a Thanksgiving breakfast and chapel at Hawaii Baptist Academy (HBA), Samuel’s school. Jane was tired and not sure if she was going to be able to make it, but she did. When we got to the school parking area Samuel was so excited he was almost running to the school, he likes school. We had to keep telling him to slow down and to walk with us. Once at school he disappeared to drop off his books and we didn’t see much of him during breakfast. Once breakfast was over chapel started. Samuel came and sat between his mother and me. It was nice to be in chapel on a work day, with my wife and son! There was a showcase of music and talent and an inspiring Thanksgiving message given by the 8th grade Physical Ed teacher. During chapel Samuel rested his head on his mothers shoulder. Jane told me that she was glad she made the extra effort to get up because Samuel putting his head on her shoulder was a mom’s blessing. Samuel is a great young man and even in Jr. High still is willing to show affection to his parents in public!

I left for work after the chapel was finished and Jane headed over to Trinity Christian School, her place of employment and Gabriel school. Jane has been out of work since September, due to the amount of doctor appointments and treatments. Jane hadn’t be to the school in a while and it was nice for her to see everyone.

Gabriel’s class had a Thanksgiving lunch and Jane got to enjoy lunch with them. Jane was blessed by the class and told me that she kind of felt like the guest of honor. I wasn’t there but I would like to share the following email from Lani Kaaa:


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the 6th grade class party. I included the fifth grade as many of you know Mrs. Arney. We were very blessed by her presence today, and were reminded of just how much we have to be thankful for. Jane shared that her spirits are great and God is miraculous in her life. She also told the kids about the privilege she has each time she goes for her treatments of sharing the joy of her peace with the many in treatment that are discouraged and depressed. Isn’t it just like Jane to turn what could be a tough road into a joyous ride for herself and anyone who’ll get on board!

Attached are a few pictures of the blanket that Jan Kaeo L’Ecuyer and the sixth grade class gave to Jane. Each child submitted a photo and wrote a love note or scripture and Jan whipped it up into a true blessing for Jane. Thanks much to Jan for her labor of love. We pray that it will bring joy and comfort in the cold or lonely moments. Jane ~ the love and prayers of your kids and their families are never too far!!

God bless everyone and have a peaceful long weekend!

Lani Kaaa

While Jane was able to share and bless the class with the stories of victory, Jane was truly blessed by the love she received from the children, teachers, staff and friends who were there. She was completely surprised by the 6th grade and the blanket. Thanks Jan! I have attached the pictures for you. Just click the link below.

The blanket The Blanket, Jan

THANKSGIVING I have to give thanks to God for leading the charge in this fallen world. He has brought around us the most awesome army of saints and warriors, family and friends, the church. Your support of love, encouragement, time and prayers have been monumental in this fight. I am thankful for you. I am thankful for being able to spend this holiday with my family, as I know many are halfway around the world separated from there family, fighting another war. My prayers go out to them. I am thankful that you have prayed for us and supported us. I am thankful that I have a good job, even if it frustrates me sometimes. I am thankful for joy that my boys bring into our house and for the bravery that they have embraced in this battle. I am thankful for the quiet strength that Jane has and for the eloquent way she is handling this fight. I could go on and on, but ……….just know,




  1. Hope you’re all well. You are all still in our daily prayers. We miss you!
    Dave, Theresa, and Darian

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