The Late Update

Sorry I have not been diligent in keeping the blog up-to-date. I was going to make a nice Christmas entry, but I missed the deadline. So, I figured I would just do a New Year post and I missed that too.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and You Decide 2008

I think that the heading covers it all. We had a great Christmas, here are a few photos for those who are intrested:

The Christmas Photo

Boys By The Tree

Jane and the Boys at Honolulu City Lights

Making Christmas Candy, Whats not to like? (one of my favorite moments)

Gabriel’s School play

New Year’s flew by and now we are in the middle of January. I’m almost afraid to blink because the next time I open my eyes my boys will be men and I’ll be a grandpa! EEEK

What You Really Want To Know

Jane is doing well. She continue to tire easily and often has to stop activities early to rest. She has lost a good amount of hair, but overall looks great. If it was not for the lost of hair most people would never suspect that she has cancer. Some of the side effects cause her to have achy bones and fever. When that happens she is out of commission for a couple of days. Her attitude and the energy that she has is strong. We have decided that it is best for Jane not to return to work at this time so she can get the rest she needs, letting her body recuperate.

Jane had a Mammogram and an Ultrasound of the chest about two weeks ago. They both came up clear. Her oncologist told her that she probably didn’t need the Mamo/Ultrasound because the chemo would be killing any new cell that might develop.

The Next Scans

The next scans will be sometime next month. We are praying that the scans will come up clear and there will not be any trace of cancer.  I will post to the blog as soon as we get the results.

Please Continue To Pray For Us.

Pray for the upcoming scans and Jane’s healing. Pray for the boys and I as we work to ensure that Jane is well cared for and we can be the best support possible. Please pray for our finances as Jane is not returning back to work.

Thank You

Again, I cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have given as we march through this battle.



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