Looking Forward

The Super Bowl is over and I am happy that NY won. I am still bitter over the Patriots win over the Rams in Super bowl 36! I guess I hold a grudge. I also think it is pretty cool that two brothers won back to back. It must make for some great talk during the off season. I also thought it was cool to Peyton cheering for his younger brother, after all I am the father of two boys.

The Doctor Today

Jane had her chemo appointment today. She still has 3 weeks of chemo and then1 week off with Zometa, the bone medication. The doctor told her that when we get the results of the next scans back that if they were clear she would consider going to hercepin once every three weeks. That means that she would pretty much be off of chemo or on a alternate chemo drug (maybe). Jane will be getting scans done on February 21st. Remember, last time she had scans the cancer had shrunk by almost half.

What to Pray For

With the next set of scans right around the corner please lift Jane up in prayer. Diligent pray is needed for Jane’s complete healing and for the results of the scans on the 22nd. And, please continue to pray for our family as we continue to fight.

The Picture

Trinity Christian School graciously gave us gift certificate to Owen & Owen Portrait Design. Owen & Owen did a great job and really worked to get us some great photos! Jane really likes the picture because she still had nice curly hair. I think she still looks great! Click on the link above to check out their work! Click the picture below to see a larger image.

I scanned the picture so it is not as good as the original.

Family Portrait

Thank You For The Support

Many of you have told me that you continue to pray for us and we truly appreciate it. Greg Lebovitz told me, “The girls pray for her before bed and at meal. They’ve taken to calling her Mrs Arnia, now that they saw the movie “Narnia.”

I know that God is hearing our prayers, so thank for the diligence that you have shown in your prayers.

It helps to know that you are behind us in support and in front of us in prayer!



5 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. I am still praying for you guys much much much. And the picture is beautiful! Can I just tell you one of my most favoritist things ever at church? It’s when I’m singing on the worship team and I look at the congregation, and I see Jane with her hands up in total surrender to the Lord. It really moves me, and is so so beautiful. Jane, I know God is with you because in those moments, I can see him all over you, bathing you in his glory. Love you guys lots lots…

  2. Thanks for including me in your updates. i sure wish I could take you out for a cup of some good coffee, Jane! You are in my prayers and I know that as you continue to dwell in His presence, you will be kept safe and He will be your source! I love you guys so much! Come take a makahiki with us! I promise I will pamper you and not run you around too much!! : )

  3. Great picture! What a beautifully photogenic bunch you are! Love and miss you all. Our prayers for all of you continue.

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