Scan Prayers

Hi all,

Just wanted to remind you that Jane’s scans are on Thursday and ask you to lift her up in prayer. It will be a long day for her and I’m sure it will be a lot longer as we wait for the results. We are praying that the cancer is completely gone. Last time it shrunk by half, this time were praying for it all.


Jane’s eyesight has been changing a lot. It changes almost daily. The doctor ordered a brain scan, but we think that the change is being caused by the Taxol (chemo drug).  This has been extremely trying for Jane because she can’t focus on anything without a lot of effort.

If You Have Time

Here is the schedule for Thursday, so if you have time during the day please lift Jane up!

8:00 AM CT Scan (Body)

10:00 AM Echo Cardiogram (heart)

11:30 AM Bone scan (bones) 🙂

1:45 PM Head MRI (brain)

So there you have it.

Thanks for your Prayers! I will update this blog and let you know as soon as we get the results back.


6 thoughts on “Scan Prayers

  1. Ray, Jane, and boys,

    Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you all. We appreciate the blog that allows us to follow along with your fight. You guys are doing great and it has been very encouraging to us to watch you cling to Jesus as you all battle. I cannot image the difficulty you are facing on a daily basis. I am sure you have you low times but you seem to bounce right back. Please know that Jesus is using your circumstances to strengthen and teach others how to cling to him. Hold on tight!

    God Bless and we miss you guys.

    Keith, Jessica, Daniel, and Tyler

  2. Pastor Ray, Jane and Da Boyz —

    I’m off today, so I’m planning to spend a lot of time praying for you, please let me know how the scans turn out. Hey Jane, I saw Anita recently, because she did my mammo. Anyway, I took a look at your wedding pictures on the blog, you guys never aged, you both look the same, but I think Pastor Ray looks better with a little gray, ha!
    Love you all,
    Yoyo —

  3. So when I checked back for updates… just now, I noticed that I never clicked “submit comment” from yesterday… I think I became busy w/ the kiddos and then just left the page open throughout the day and night! Yes, I am that scatter-brained!
    So, there ya have it. I prayed and am continuing to pray.

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