Preliminary Results

Dr. Miyashiro called yesterday and requested that Jane come in to the office today. Either that meant that there would be really good news or really bad news (that’s our thinking). We saw Dr. Miyashiro at about 9:00 AM this morning. She told us that she only had the preliminary results.

Preliminary Results

The results show that the lungs are clear! That is a big YEAH! She said that it could be that the lungs was only an infection, but I believe that God has removed it from the lungs. The rest of the result showed that the cancer is still there but has not progress. However, that is preliminary, the comparative results will compare the last test with the new test and then we will better understand where she stands. Dr. M told us that the reason that she wanted to see is because of the brain MRI.

The Brain MRI

The results of the brain MRI showed that there are several small places in the brain that look like they could be malignant. She told us that she wanted Jane to get a Lumbar puncture to retrieve spinal fluid. The purpose is to look for malignant cancer cells in the fluid to verify if what was on the MRI is indeed cancer, if it is clear it only means that there is not cancer in the fluid and the brain may still have cancer.

What’s Next?

Jane has an appointment with the radiologist on Monday and then she has her regular Monday appointment with Dr. Miyashiro for Herceptin and Zometa. Dr. Miyashiro should have the final/comparative reports by then and should be able to inform us of what options we have.

The Boys

We have talked with the boys about this and ask that if you need to speak to us about this please ensure that the boys are not within earshot. They know what is going on, but it really gets them uptight to hear it over and over again.


Please lift Jane and our family up in prayer. We were hoping for better results and were a little disappointed. Jane’s spirits are pretty high, but she is still disappointed. We know that God is going to do something great and believe that He can and WILL bring healing to her.

Please pray for Mondays appointments. I will update the blog on Monday or Tuesday to let you know what the plan is and how you can pray for us.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Jane said, “It is the prayers that are sustaining me. I feel it when people are praying.”

You are making a difference in our life!

OOPS please for Samuel, he is sick with a fever. Thanks.


One thought on “Preliminary Results

  1. You are TOTALLY in my prayers. I praise God for the good lungs news. I will also continue to pray for whatever the next steps will be, and for Samuel and his fever. As always, please give a shout out if you need anything…

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