10 Days Are Over!

The ten long days are over and Jane finished radiation on Monday. The side effects from the radiation are extreme fatigue and nausea brought on by the swelling of the brain. To combat the swelling, Jane, was taking decadron, a steroid. The steroid made her heart pound and made her restless. Now Jane was very tired because of the radiation, but unable to sleep because of the steroid. To help with the nausea Jane had been taking Ativan, which, would make her loopy, it also would help her sleep.

The effects of the radiation are still hanging around and Jane is tired of not feeling well (This is a prayer request). The good thing is the radiation is done, the bad is the effects could be around for a while.

Next Week

Gabriel leaves for Washington D.C. on Wednesday with his school for spring break. He is a little apprehensive, it is a good thing that auntie is going with him. I will be leaving Saturday for a conference in San Diego and Jane and Samuel will have some quality time together.

The good news is that Jane will not have any chemo treatments until her sister and I get back. The bad news is that Jane is still unable to drive and concerned about how they are going to get to church on Sunday.

Doctor To Doctor

With the radiation finished Dr. Miyashiro is considering what the next step should be. She has put a call in to Dr. Park of UCSF Breast Care Center . There are a couple of options, as well as , clinical trials.

Financial Blessings

Jane has been out of work since the end of September. She worked at the school with the boys, which was a total blessing because she loves being with them and they love having her at school. The other benefit was the tuition break. Since she was unable to work she was able to collect temporary disability. This in and of itself was a blessings but it was due to run out in February. We were advised to start working on longterm disability (Social Security) as soon as possible because the process take a long time. We finished the paperwork in January and expected to wait until at least April. We got news back at the end of February that She had been approved for Longterm and it would start in February. This is great news and will help us to keep our heads above water.


Please pray for Jane to get stronger and to feel better. Pray for good night (restful) sleep. Pray for her eyesight, it is still bothering her. It is real important to pray that Dr. Miyashiro and Dr. Park connect and that they make the best decision. Pray for Jane and Samuel while Linda (Jane’s sister) and Gabriel are in DC and I am in San Diego.

It is really important to pray for Jane’s complete healing, and the protection of her brain from the radiation. Pray that the cancer was eradicated!

The Project Update

We have were on hold since November due to the holidays and the weather. We needed good weather so we could prime the wood. We got the weather and Scott Williams help paint and his cousin-in-law or some relation, drove the painting. He did a great job! Thanks Matt for teaching us the Heimlich!

Once we finished the painting, put up the rail posts, got the deck boards purchased, off loaded and some of it installed. This is phase one, the bottom floor.

Thanks to all who have helped thus far. Here are some pictures that I took. The grainy ones are from my phone. I lost some pictures from the first day, so you won’t see Ed, Jim and the others who helped.

Reach Out/Not In:

The song by Micheal W. Smith, “Healing Rain” helps to put things in to perspective. While we struggle with this physical sickness and look forward to seeing God’s hand heal Jane, there is a world of people who need a spiritual healing. The same God that gives us eternal live is the same God that brings healing to the sick.

Our church is take on the challenge to change the world one life at a time. Saving a life, physically by God’s supernatural healing, spiritually by sharing the love and compassion of God that brings someone in to a relationship with a loving God or by financially supporting another person, they all save a life.

Jane and I have talked about it and it would be really easy for us to be inward focused. We believe that God has called us to be outward focused and Jane is driving hard to ensure that she is still reaching out to people (she is amazing!). This battle with cancer has really brought us to an understanding that our lives are not our own, but belong to the Lord. We need to use what life the Lord has give us to reach out, not in. Let me encourage you to reach out! If you belong to our church, participate in the Compassion Campaign that we are about to embark upon. Reach out by sharing what the Lord is doing in your life and reach out by praying for others. God will use you to touch others regardless of what you are going through. It is knowing that God has bigger plans for us that give us strength in the midst of our trials and it is the enemy that will lie to you and try to bring discouragement. REACH OUT/NOT IN!

Reaching Out

We have sponsored a child for many years through World Vision and will probably support another one through Compassion International. The child we sponsor now is under Samuel’s name and it is really his child. We will probably sign-up for Compassion with Gabriel. Our pastor, Pastor Mike, just spent some time in the Philippines with Compassion and was able to see the impact that they are making first hand. If you would like to read about it check out his blog. If you do not go to our church you can still reach out by going to the compassion website.

I can’t tell how much God has bless us through this battle and through you who have prayed and supported us. God has been with us every step of the way and he is there for you.

Romans 10:13 For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. (NLT)

I hope this edition of “Who Would Have Though” has blessed you! Until the next update, “May God Richly Bless You and Those Who You Touch!”




One thought on “10 Days Are Over!

  1. Ray and Jane,

    Jack and I would be happy to drive Jane and Samuel to church on Saturday or Sunday (whichever they prefer)! Jane, we are also happy to help you run any errands you need take care of while Ray and your sister away. Just give us a call and let us know your need. We would be thrilled to be of assistance. 🙂

    Something has been on my heart for the last several weeks, and your words on “reaching out/not in” are so in tune with it, that I feel now is the time to share.

    I use to wonder how people could say God is glorified in trials and tragedy. But in watching your family, I am finally beginning to understand. When Jane underwent chemo treatment the first time, I was so moved by her continued passion for others and for God and by how your family pulled together. To all of us that know you, each member of your family was the example of what living a Christian life truly means. Unswerving faith in God, unswerving devotion to one another, and unending compassion and concern for others. But this, was just the tip of the iceberg of God’s plan.

    This second round with Jane’s illness is different. Though you continue to remind us what our Christian life should be, this round I see a bigger battle and I see God being glorified. I have watched as hundreds of your church family (across the globe) have felt called to passionate, beseeching prayer on your behalf, I have watched as those same hearts have felt called to serve your family in any way they can, and I have watched (and personally experienced) the birth of greater faith in what the Father can do as a result. Through your family, and your trials, the Lord is building and moving an army. He is growing up stronger, more faithful Christians, who are equipped to do battle both here on earth and in the spiritual realm. And that is what I have been hearing, that the battle we (your church family) have been waging on earth on your behalf is just a small part of a greater battle that is going on in the spiritual realm. And as each member of your church family, called into action on your behalf, finds himself and herself answering God’s call to greater faith and greater action, God is being glorified and sweeping defeats are being made in the spritual realm!

    Praise be to God! I thank Him for his love and faithfulness. I thank Him that he is able to use your family in such a powerful way to forward his Kindgdom. I thank Him for the faithful, servant’s heart that each of you has. And I stand in awe at the glory of His plan. I continue to pray daily for each of you and for Jane’s complete healing. And I pray that you will find peace, comfort, and joy in the knowledge that, through you, hundreds of people are coming to know their Father as they have never known Him before…..and the Enemy is losing ground.

    My Love & Prayers Are With You Daily,
    Diane 🙂

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