April No Fools

We saw Dr. Miyashiro yesterday for Jane’s check up and Zometa. She told us that she had talk with Dr. Park, the doctor from UCSF Medical Center. The purpose for talking with Dr. Park was to see if there were any clinical trials or cutting edge treatments that might be right for Jane. The consensus is that Jane should follow the proven track.

The Proven Track

Jane will be taking Tykerb and Xeloda. These are pill types of chemo, which means that there Jane will only go once every three weeks to get the Zometa, for the bone. From my limited understanding the combination of these two medicines work well to keep the cancer from growing and it penetrates the Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB) better then other types of chemo. The problem with the BBB is that it forms a protective seal around the brain, and while the cancer can spread through the blood most chemo molecules are to big to pass through the barrier.

Here is an interesting video about Xeloda and how it works There are a lot of big words so you have to pay close attention, it also has video (pictures) for guys like me. Anyways, from my understanding the Xeloda works best on killing cancer cell just prior to splitting. I am assuming that, that is why it is taken in conjunction with the Tykerb. Tykerb is the replacement for Herceptin, it is used to block the her2 receptors. Basically, the cancer is caused be cells that over produce the Her2 protein, the tykerb works from inside the cell to counter the production of the protein.

A Boat Load of Side Effects

With the new drugs come new potential side effects. You can learn about them by going to the drug links above. So, far the only side effects that Jane has is nausea and headaches. The side effects from the radiation are subsiding and Jane is feeling a little better over all. There were a lot of side effects from the radiation, it is amazing how much damage just a little radiation can do. Most of Jane’s hair fell out and I had to shave her head (this was about three weeks/a month ago. Her hair looks like it is starting to grow back, but one of the possible side effects of the new drugs is hair loss, so we will have to see if her hair grows back.


What can I say? Jane wanted me to share with you some of the amazing blessing that God has poured on us though you! First, your prayers have sustained us and we have seen God’s hand at work. Jane’s eyes are getting better! This is a major praise because she has been having problems with her visions since late November, early December. The eye doctor said that she has really dry eyes and that it looks like she has an infections, some kind of conjunctivitis because of the irritation. The other part is the swelling from the radiation is almost gone. Second, a number of people have been bring us meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pam Zunic, our women’s pastor and prayer team leader has coordinated this blessing. At first I was kind of opposed to it, maybe a bit of pride, I do most of the cooking! And, I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. What I have found out is that we have a bunch of great chefs around us. But, the biggest blessing in this is something I didn’t realize, these meals give Jane the time to rest and conserve energy and allows me the time to work with the boys when they get home from school. I really can’t thank you enough! The next blessing is something that Jane found out about through our HMSA advocate. It is a massage service that is provided for a low cost, free or for donation to cancer patients. Check out “A Time To Heal.” Jane said, “I feel healthy when I leave there, it’s almost like I don’t have caner at all.” Kara England is doing a great service. Finally, we have been blessed by many of you who have been able to give Jane a ride to doctor’s appointments, to rest time at the beach, to massage sessions and other places. It has given her parents a break and allowed me to keep continuity at work. Again, I cannot thank you enough!

Prayer Requests

Please continue to lift Jane up before the Lord and contend for a complete healing from the cancer. Pray for her not to have side effects from the chemo. I am in Tecoma at the writing of this, so pray a covering over the family. Gabriel turned 12 on Saturday and is acting like a teenager in attitude, we are working on a number of things with him. Please take some extra time to pray for him, for his heart, attitude and his ability to deal with the stress of this. Samuel seems to be doing O.K. he will head back to Trinity next year, we are all excited about this, pray for the end of the school year and the transition that is coming. I am doing well over all. I am learning new things a long the way, most of them are not to painful. Pray that I keep things in perspective and allot my time to the things that are important.

As always, please feel free to pass this on to your prayer teams, churches, family and friends.

Thank You

I want to throw out a special thanks to Mike and Febe Vincent. Mike has been a real encouragement and has been helping me with the deck (a.k.a The Project) details. The Folks family, they started with the meals even in the middle of my objections, their care is trademark of the Christian life and is an example I can follow (THANK YOU) and thanks to everyone, meals, rides, massages, note givers, prayers and gift givers. You mean the world to us and your deeds are eternal

May God grant you more blessings then he has given us!

(I can’t count them all!)


One thought on “April No Fools

  1. Hope things are going well! Love and miss you all! Just wanted to let you know you are still in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love and hugs,
    Dave, Theresa, and Darian

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