A Scan on The Horizon

I have needed to provide you with an update for a while, but we have been very busy these last few months.  Let me bring you up to speed!

1ST Gear

As I said in the last post Jane started the medications, Tykerb and Xeloda. Thanks to the many prayers the side effects have been major/minimal. What is major/minimal?  The major side effect is hair loss.  The following side effects are  minimal general nausea, sleeplessness, fatigue and dry skin.  Thanks for praying!

2ND Gear

Jane has started another new drug called Zoladex.  This a a hormone inhibitor and helps her body to emulate menopause.  There are some side effects associated with it , but I think for the most part they are minor.

3RD Gear

Scans are going to be done next week.  We are praying for all traces of the cancer to be gone.  Please keep Jane in your prayers the rest of this week and next as she gets the scans.  We will not get the results back for about a week, I will post as soon as we get the results.

4TH Gear

The scan schedules is as follows:

CT scan of chest, abdomen and pelvis.  June 5th, 10:30 AM

Bone scan. June 6th, 11:30 AM

MRI Brain. June 7th, 9:30 AM

Anything But Cruise Control

Now that you are up to speed, please continue to keep us in prayer.  Pray for Jane healing, and a covering over our family.  Since my last update I think we have all had some sort of affliction.  I had a kidney stone, I was kind of freaked out when I realized what it was because of all the stories I had heard.  I think the Lord blessed me because I passed it before the pain got real bad.  Summer is upon us so keep us in prayer as the boys and Jane will have a lot of time together.  Pray that they get most out of this summer.

The Passing Lane

I will try to do weekly updates.  There might not be much meat to them, but it will let you know better how to pray for us.

Thanks and Blessings!


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