Scan News

Marked Improvement

Jane’s visit with Dr. Miyashiro when very good. Thank you for your prayers and support.  Here’s what we found out.

Brain MRI

Here is a quote from the brain MRI: “Marked improvement in metastatic implants throughout both hemispheres with only two clearly defined residual metastases, both significantly decreased in size.” When Jane was first told that the cancer had spread to the brain, we were looking a 17 metastases (mets) in the brain. Now, only two are left and they has shrunk significantly! Praise God!

The Bone Scan

There is still evidence of cancer in the bones, but, another quote: “There is evidence suggesting partial healing of skeletal metastasis as compared with previous study of February 2008.”  What this is saying is that it looks like the bones are beginning to heal! Praise God!

CT Scan

The CT showed “New, minimal patchy infiltrates” in the lower right lung. This could just be inflammation or a small portion of the lung that collapsed because of a small blockage.

One more quote: “Faintly seen is a tiny 2 mm density in the RT major fissure medially appearing smaller then the prior study.” This is also talking about the lung. We are seeing other areas of concern beginning to heal.

Not Out Of The Woods, Yet

With all this good news we need to continue to contend for a compete healing. Things are getting smaller and some things are disappearing. This is all good news, but until the cancer has been eradicated, we need to be diligent to pray.

Jane is still on 4 types of medication, Xeloda, Tycerb, Zometa and Zoladex. All of these medications have risks and side effects.

Continued Vigilance Is Needed

We continue believe that God is going to bring about a complete healing and we would ask that you continue to see this through in prayer.

Pray for Jane’s energy levels, that they would continue to strengthen. She still gets tire and sometimes requires naps. She is really tired of having to get poked and prodded, feeling sick and the constant knowledge that the cancer is still in her body and is fighting to stay.

Pray specifically for, the cancer in the bones to be completely healed in the next scan. Pray for the lungs that they would be clear of all obstruction and the collapse/inflamed part would be restored. Pray that the two mets in the brain would be eradicated and gone. Rebuke, command or otherwise tell the cancer to be gone!

Remember to praise God for the progress!

Also, please pray for Dr. Miyashiro, she will be consolidating her practice to Queen’s Medical Center, I believe to make more time for the family. That means that Jane will go down there once a month for check-ups. She will continue to get her treatments in Aiea. Pray that God’s hand is on Dr. Miyashiro as she transition to Queens and that he blesses her and her family beyond measure.

Thank You For Keeping Us Covered With Your Prayers!


4 thoughts on “Scan News

  1. Praying for all you have asked and praising with you for all the Lord has done and is doing! Praying in the name and by the power of Jesus Christ who reigns supreme over ALL that the cancer would be gone!

    Thank you for the update!


  2. Jane and Ray,

    What wonderful news – I’m so thankful for the answered prayers on your behalf and we’ll keep praying for a complete healing! You’re never far from our thoughts. 🙂

    Love to the whole family from all of us,

  3. Ray & Jane,
    We rejoice with you on the good news, how AWESOME is God!!!!!!!! We continue to pray in expectation of a complete divine healing for Jane and stand with you in rebuking the cancer!
    We love you guys!
    Steve, Shelly, Kayla & Daniel

  4. Ray and Jane,

    That is g-g-g-great news to hear! GREAT! We will continue to pray for you, Jane, and well as all of your family!

    The Evans family

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