Hump Days and Hallelujahs

Today is Wednesday otherwise known as Hump Day.  I was sick yesterday and still feeling the minor affects this morning.  Not sure what I had, but it is gone. Hallelujah!

Many of you have been wondering, and asking how is Jane doing?  What is going on?  I haven’t heard anything in a while.  Translation: WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH JANE?  RAY YOU NEED TO POST YESTERDAY!

Here goes:

Take A Look Back

For a recap click here.


The good news is that her hair started to grow back. At one point, we had to shave a patch on the backside of her head as it had grown in first and was thicker then any other part of her head.  It was almost like a goatee on the back of her head.  It was good sign, because it meant that her hair was starting to grow back.  A couple of weeks later we noticed that her hair was starting to grow back on the rest of her head, with the exception of the very middle.  The boys call it a reverse mohawk.  Jane was a little concerned of the thin streak on the top of her head but I told her it would grow in too, and sure enough it has started to fill in as well!  Her hair is soft like baby hair.  Hallelujah!

Ups and Downs

As with most things in life there are up’s and down’s.  With Jane it is mostly ups.  Her energy is coming back, but it is still in spurts.  When she is doing good she starts planning to do things like meet people for lunch, go shopping or go out with the family.  Then when fatigue sets in she has to cancel, which is very rare because she is stubborn.  I am continuously telling her that she needs to take care of herself first and to rest but because one of her core values is “let your yes be yes” she struggles with canceling.

Camel Hump Soup

If you have ever had camel hump soup it is quite good.  I had some in Morocco but I don’t think there was really any camel in it….but you never really know!   At this point we are just waiting until the next scan.  It is like being in a bowl of soup.  Life is all just mixed with everything that goes on.  To be real honest, we are living life to the fullest extent possible.  Hallelujah! The next scans are scheduled for October and we will probably get results back in November.

The Upside of Down

When will all of this be over?  When Jesus says so! 🙂 Since the cancer has spread, even though it is now shrinking, Jane has been categorized as Stage 4.  That means that even if all the scans come back normal, no hint of cancer, she will still be categorized as stage 4. There is no five year moratorium or check point that will mark her as cured.  The doctor has said that this is like a life time illness, such as diabetes or high cholesterol.  The main difference is that cancer is something that is constantly trying to take over the body and kill it.  All these sicknesses require a life time of management.  That means that for the rest of the life that God has in store for Jane, she will be managing breast cancer.  So what is the upside?  God is in control.  We can’t but God can.  That is why we will continue to pray and contend for a complete and miraculous healing!  Hallelujah!  Please know that we are blessed by all the prayers and support.  We could not nor would we want to go through this alone!  Thank You For Your Prayers and Support!

On The Road

I will be heading to San Francisco for conference on Sept 12th.  Jane will join me on the 14th and enjoy some time in the city.  The boys will be at home with their Auntie and the grandparents.  Jane and I are looking forward to spending time alone together.  This will be the longest time that we have been away from the boys, but I think we can handle it.  After my conference ends, on the 19th, Jane and I will head up to Redding, California for three days, then go and visit my mom in Paradise.  We are hoping to get a chance to spend time with old friends.

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

“When the roll is called up yonder I’ll be there.”  A great hymn that I sung as a child, it is a great reminder that God’s kingdom awaits.  It is by the blood of Jesus and a step of faith that I made as a small child that puts my name in the Book of Life.  I can truly know that when the names of those who have been saved by grace are called, “I’ll be there!”  Until that time we are here to live and serve the King.  That is what we are doing and we need your continued prayer and support as we move forward up the mountain.  Please continue to pray with us.  Pray for Jane’s healing, for the medication to work and for her energy levels.  Also pray for our trip to California and for the boys who will remain here.

The Truth About Humps and Hallelujah’s

The truth about humps and hallelujah’s is that for each hump there is a Hallelujah.  Some people look at a hump and say, “There is an obstacle in my way!”  It is a mountain in their path.  The way I try to see the hump is, “Look there is a mountain, let’s climb it together and see what the view is from there.”  Each hump is a mountain top, it is an up.  The nice thing about being on the top of the hump is that you can see down into the next valley.  Jesus said, “And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Jesus is the perfect traveling companion.  So the next time you see a hump say, “Hallelujah!”  Because Jesus is with you…ALWAYS, the view from the top is great, and when you get down into the next valley you can enjoy the shade!



4 thoughts on “Hump Days and Hallelujahs

  1. Good to here progressive updates as we continue to praise God for His failthfullness your your speedy recovery. We hope that we’ll be able to rejoice and celebrate with you next time we’re back in the Islands! Promise us we won’t have Moroccan food?

    But if your in the area.. please give us a call as well. E-mail me Ray!

    With love from the Mainland!

    Jo-Ann and Jonathan Golfo

    Jonathan Golfo
    Realtor/Loan Officer
    Connect Realty
    Agent ID#: 1510

    Employing Broker:

    License ID: 01823864
    Connect Realty Inc.
    EL CAJON, CA 92020

  2. Praise the Lord!!!!

    Aloha, I am so thrilled to hear that Jane (you) are getting some energy back. I’ll I can think is “Praise the Lord” and “Let’s get together for anything”. You are in God’s hands and in my prayers.

    Much Love,

  3. Praise God…you guys are in our prayers, and we feel blessed to know you. Look forward to seeing you all soon, somehow, somewhere. Sheesh, it’s an island, how hard could it be?

    Always with love,

    Mark, Iris, and Erik Norseth

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