Pressing In

Doctor’s Visit

We saw Jane’s doctor today to get the results of the scans from last week.  Our doctor was optimistic upon entering the room, she had seen the preliminary reports from the CT and Bone scan.  Both scans showed that the cancer had not gone any further and that it was stable.  However, upon  looking at the MRI report of the brain, her countenance changed.  It was not what she had expected and not what we had expected.  Today’s results were a little discouraging and we are still processing what we were told.

The Brain

The scans showed that the cancer has grown slightly in the pre-existing places and has spread to a number of other areas in the brain.  My best guess is that the current medication is not shrinking the spots, but just slowing down the growth.

The Doctor’s Suggestions

The next step is to try to consult with doctors that are doing clinical trials.  Dr. Miyashiro suggested we/she try to contact Dr. John Park at UCSF, the doctor that we got our second opinion from, or Dr. Edith Perez at the Mayo Clinic.  Both doctors are experts in the type of cancer that Jane has.  Dr. Miyashio will be checking with both clinics to see what trials are being done and make a recommendation.

Bottom Line

I believe that the doctor is recommending us to go to for the trials because this type of cancer is very aggressive and the current medications are not being effective.  Cancer in the brain is difficult to treat with standard medication because of the Brain Blood Barier (BBB). The BBB provides a protective shield around the brain.  Once the cancer is behind the BBB it is protected from most medications.  There are some new therapies being developed that go after specific types of cancer cells.  We are hoping that there is a trial that will accept Jane.

We will talk to Dr. M on Friday about the trials and see what else she has found.


The best option has always been your prayers!  Please pray with us as we continue to pray for a complete and total healing.  Pray for wisdom as we will have some big decisions to make.  Pray for our finances because the next step may require us to make a few trips to the mainland and it may require that Jane stay for a while.  Pray for our family as we process this new development.  Pray for the boys, who have adjusted and handled this well, thus far.  Please pray for Jane’s sister, Linda, she has done a lot of research and is a primary stakeholder in the decision process.  She knows what questions to ask the doctor and is a great advocate.

Please remember to pray for God’s blessing and wisdom for Dr. miyashiro.

Thank you for your prayers and support


5 thoughts on “Pressing In

  1. We love you guys!

    We’re praying for your whole family.

    Please let us know if we can help in any way.

    Anita, Nestor and girls

  2. Ray and Jane Samuel Gabe and Linda etc
    Our prayers are there for you always. Call if you need the least of things. It is hard to know where we can help, but if it is a ride for the boys, a sleepover to give them a change, just ASK. Also, I will pray for your total protection and peace in all matters. Love Paul and Matthew.

  3. Dearest Jane, Ray and boys,

    Thanks for the update – we will continue to pray fervently for all of you and we will especially pray that the Lord will clearly show you and your doctor/doctors what to do next. We ask that the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will fill and flood your hearts, and that in Him, you will find rest and renewed strength.

    Love you so much,

  4. Dear Jane and Ray, Sam, Gabe and Auntie,
    God is more than faithful to those who love Him and Iam confident that He will answer the thousands of prayers offered on your behalf. Your faithfulness in these valley days encourages so many and I will continue to pray for your courage, stamina and complete healing through this next stage of Jane’s amazing life. I am grateful to all of you for your faithfulness. God is good all the time. Nancy

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