A Little Mayo on That Please

Just a Quick Update

Jane talked with Dr. M today.  Dr. M said that she is trying to get Jane into the Mayo Clinic.  If there are no clinical trails available Dr. M will try to get Jane into a place in Houston, TX.  Also of concern Dr. M has been unable to contact Dr. Park, he is the doctor that we saw in San Francisco that gave us the second opinion last September (https://dorkman.wordpress.com/2007/08/).


Pray that Dr. M gets the information that she needs from Mayo, and that there would be some trials available that Jane would qualify for….and that they would be effective.  Pray that she would be able to reach Dr. Park. Most of all continue to pray for a miraculous healing so Jane will not have to go through all this.

Most Of All



One thought on “A Little Mayo on That Please

  1. We will be lifting these things up throughout our weekend. Please let us know what happens regarding Dr. Park. Also, email or call us regarding your financial need and what you need if Jane goes to SF or Houston. Love you! We ask Jesus for that devine healing we KNOW He can provide.

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