Windows of Oportunity

Let me start by saying thanks to everyone for all the support, we had great seats on the flight, a great place to stay while we were there; know that we were covered incredibility by your prayers. It’s good to be home!  


We went to the medical center yesterday to meet with Dr. Melisko.  She is an oncologist that specializes in breast cancer that has metastasised to the brain.  Overall, it was a great meeting and we, Jane, Linda and I, were very comfortable with Dr. Melisko.

Current Situation (a quick review).. there will be a quiz later.

Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The cancer was removed, Jane underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. About a year after being treated for breast cancer the cancer returned.  Jane was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  The cancer had spread to Jane’s lungs, liver and back.  

Jane underwent more chemo and other medication and it looked like the cancer was going away.  There were no traces of the cancer in her liver or lungs and the cancer in the back had stopped growing.  However, a few months later a scan showed that the cancer had now spread to the brain, but was stable in the rest of her body.  

Jane had whole brain radiation and started on new chemo drugs that were meant to slow or stop the growth of cancer in the brain.  The first scan showed that the radiation had shrunk or killed the majority of the cancer in Jane’s brain.  However, three months later, where we are now, the cancer has started to slowly progress in the brain.

Our doctor looking at this realized the importance of getting us help that is not available in Hawaii.  That is how we ended up in San Francisco.

San Francisco

We met Dr. Melisko, she went over Jane’s files and told us that Jane qualifies for the study, but there are some other options we should try first.  The first option is SRS (Stereotactic RadioSurgery)/Gamma Knife. With SRS the spots on the brain are shot with radiation.  Dr. Melisko told us that UCSF is very aggressive in this type of procedure and they will shoot more spots then in other clinics.  They are very good at it!  To get Jane scheduled for this procedure her case will be presented to the Radioncology Board.  The board will look at Jane’s MRI to decide if she is a good candidate.  If Jane is a good candidate, she will be scheduled for an appointment.  Appointments are schedule three weeks out.  

Once the SRS/Gamma Knife is finished Jane will be put on one of the chemo drugs from the trial that is currently being used for brain cancer.  SRS is pretty effective on killing the cancer that is in the brain but it does not stop it from coming back.  If the cancer were to recur, it would be possible for Jane to undergo SRS a number of times.  Two other options include doing SRS and the trial, or just doing the trial.  These options will be determined based on an MRI that Jane will receive once we get to UCSF for the SRS procedure. 

The Other Trial

Dr. Melisko told us that there is another trial that is scheduled to start in about 4 to 6 weeks.  Jane would be a candidate for this trial too.  The doctor’s advice was to go with the SRS first and if that failed to work we would go for the original trial because Jane could enroll and start treatment immediately.  If the first trial is not effective then we could enroll Jane in the second study.  The second study would also require that Jane be relocated for a long period of time.

The Window

All that to say that I believe that a window of opportunity is presenting itself.  The Bible tells us, in Ephesians, to make the most of every opportunity (windows of opportunity).  Jane will be required to have an MRI for either the SRS or for the clinical study.  The MRI for SRS will be done in S.F at the SRS facility.  The MRI for the clinical study would be done here in Hawaii.  Either way there will be a new MRI.  The window of opportunity is between now and when the MRI is given.  I believe it is an opportunity for us to pray, declare and petition God for a miracle.  The scans will be about a month apart, one last month and one this month.  Jane has been taken off of all medications until the new course of treatment is established. That basically means that she is not being treated.  If the MRI was to come back negative for cancer there would be only ONE answer, JESUS!  It is almost like the perfect storm, everything is set to glorify God.

Every so often there are windows of opportunity.  We all experience them in some form.  It could be as simple as a prompting from the Holy Spirit to pray for someone, or call them on the phone just to see how they are doing, or even to talk to a complete stranger.  When these windows of opportunity appear you need to take action or they will disappear and the opportunity is lost. Two of my favorite examples of opportunities in the Bible are when David, the pre-king of Israel, saw the window of opportunity to kill the giant.  He walked into the Israelites camp and heard the taunting of Goliath.  While others were looking out the same window, David took action.  My second one is in Acts 3, when Peter and John go to the temple.  They come upon a beggar who asks them for money.  Peter says, “Look at me.” The beggar looked at them expecting money, but Peter said, “I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have.  In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!”  Peter took action and used what he had.  In verse 12 the Bible says, “Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd.”  Again Peter saw the opportunity and took action, this time to preach the gospel.  Both seized the window of opportunity and God was glorified.

The Window of Opportunity is Open

Our window is here, take action with me, pray, petition and declare Jane’s healing.  If you would like to be a part of a concentrated and coordinated campaign of prayer please contact Pam Zunic.  If you do not have Pam’s contact information send me an email and I will forward your information to her.


We always thank God for all of you who so diligently support us!

May God’s blessing be upon you.



6 thoughts on “Windows of Oportunity

  1. We will pray, unrelentingly, for a miracle. We know that our God is not a little God but a mighty God and a mighty physician. Love you guys!

    Dave, Theresa, and Darian

  2. The Fendler Ohana is praying for you from Redding. We will make another trip to the Alabaster House too. May the Lord heal you Jane, NOW and so that any more MRI’s may show that there is nothing there but brain. Lord I command restoration to that which was created for Jane by you. Lord, I command the cancer cells to get lost, leave and go to the farthest desert place and to die there. Lord I contend for restored brain cells that may have been killed off by chemo or radiation. Lord I command restoration to her body, complete restoration on her entire body. This is but a hill, not a mountain, so I command this hill to be moved in Jesus name. Be Healed in Jesus name, amen.

  3. Hi Ray and Jane,

    It’s been many many years since we talked during the old San Jose days. I’m a friend of Todd’s. (don’t cut me off for that please!) I saw Linda last Sunday at Santa Clara church and she told me about this site. Thanks for the update. I wanted to let you know that we’re praying for you and believe God will do mighty things through you. Continue to trust Him and seize your divine opportunities. Blessings and strength to you both!


  4. Hi Arney Ohana,

    I want you all to take heart and KNOW that the Spirit is gently and quietly working on your behalf. Last night I had an unrestful sleep. I kept sliding between consciousness and dreaminess. Then the name, “Janey” came clearly into my unclear state. I knew I needed to get out of bed and pray for my sweet friend. My prayers during these times are so amazing. They are both poetic and passionate. It was an honor to be promped into this intercession. I love that our Savior is always watching over his loved ones. I love that He chose me to awake in the wee morning hours for my friend, her amazing husband, and their two terrific sons. I love that our Lord is called the “Bright Morning Star.” I was reading Matthew after my prayers and it dawned on me that He and His brilliance are even brighter than our sun. What hope and light there is in him. I believe with all my heart that His brilliance will shine through Jane’s full recovery. And now even moreso as this “window of opportunity” opens where the ONLY answer to this healing is truly, MIRACLE.

    We love you all…

    Cheri, Anthony, Cami, Sol, Bella & Nats Firth

  5. Aloha,
    If you need anything in the Bay Area, please let me know. I have some friends over there that would love to help. You are in my prayers and may God continue to provide for everything that you need. Love always.

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