120 Points Of Light

Jane was accepted as a good candidate for SRS, StereoRadio Surgery.  We have an appointment on the 3rd and 4th of December.  The procedure will focus 120 beams of harmless Gamma Radiation at the different mets in the brain.  Once these 120 individual beams meet they are no longer harmless and the cancer gets cooked.  It is almost SciFi.


We will be traveling to S.F. on the 2nd of December and will return sometime after our appointment on the 4th depending on pricing.  The December 2nd is a hard date because we need to be there the 3rd for the appointment.  The return part is flexible, so we will return whenever we get the cheapest seats.  It is hard to get good prices because people are returning home after Thanksgiving.  Please keep us in prayer on this.  


The good part of this is that we will be home for Samuel’s birthday and to enjoy Thanksgiving together.  We will go to S.F. for the procedure and  be back for Jane’s birthday and Christmas!

The Prayer Window

Jane has not been on any medication for almost a month.  She has been extremely tired, but unable to sleep.  She is having aches and pains, back pain, headaches and neck pains.  We think that his could be withdrawals or stress.  Jane will start back on Herceptin on Monday.  Herceptin will be used to control the cancer in the body, not the head.  

So now we have our window of time set and will really be pressing in to see God bring healing, please pray that the cancer does not grow or spread and would be gone by the 3rd of December. 


Thanks for taking this opportunity to pray for us!


2 thoughts on “120 Points Of Light

  1. Ray & Jane,
    Last year, when I heard of all that was going on. It was pretty unbelievable, and to get updated at the ongoing issues is not easier for you I’m sure. I know that I would have lost faith. Your example is to me and I’m sure many others that I will never meet, are is infusing radical faith into the hearts of more that your lives could ever reach natrally. As you know better than I… it’s not in vain.
    May He continue to hold you both close together.

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