On The Move

Jane and I are flying out today at about 2:00 PM.  We will meet with the doctor tomorrow at 1:00 PM (11:00 AM, HST) to go over the procedures.  Jane will check it at 7:00 AM and will be at the hospital as long as the procedure takes.

What You Can Do: PRAY

This trip will be difficult for Jane for three reasons.  The first is separation anxiety.  We went to California last month and she know it is hard on the boys (double whammy).  The boys will be staying with Jane’s sister and parents, this is good.  The second reason is the procedure itself.  Jane is somewhat claustrophobic and is not looking forward to the procedure.  They will be screwing an apparatus on her head for the majority of the procedure, a headache is sure to follow.  It’s going to be a long day. The third reason it will be hard is because after the procedure Jane will need to recuperate and we will be flying back.  She will surely be wiped out.

Please pray for us while we are on the trip, for the boys while we are gone.  Pray for Wednesday’s meeting with the doctor and for Jane all day on Thursday.  Last minute edit, pray for me, I have been feeling like I am coming down with a head cold, I really don’t like to travel sick.   I will try to update this site as soon as I find something out, depending on network connectivity. 

Above all remember to pray for Jane’s complete healing

and that the MRI would be clear!


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