192 beams of light

Here is an interesting thing I learned today.  The SRS that UCSF uses has 192 beams of radiation, not 120.  The old version that they use had 210 beams of radiation.

Meet The Doctor

We met the radial Oncologist today and he did a great job of making us feel comfortable with procedure.  He went through the procedure with great detail and told us why the prefer the gamma knife.  He spent a lot of time with us.  I was most impressed that the people we talked to on the phone prior to coming seem to be really interested in taking care of Jane.  It seemed like they genuinely care for Jane.  That makes all the difference. 

The Plan

Jane will check in tomorrow at 7:00 AM, meet with the surgeon at 7:30ish and will have her MRI tomorrow at 8:30 AM.  Once the the MRI is complete the doctors will make a treatment plan.  Then Jane will head into the treatment.  The doctor said that it will take a few hours.

The Window

As this window of opportunity comes to a close please continue to cover Jane with prayer, we are praying that the MRI comes back clear.  I will update the blog tomorrow after the MRI once we talk to the doctor.  They have WiFi in the hospital so I will have some time to update.


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