The Wait is over

The doctor told us that the procedure will take 4 hours and they were going to be agressive.  If you have time please say a prayer.




4 thoughts on “The Wait is over

  1. All of my prayers, heart and soul are surrounding you, Maude and her doctors in SF…as well as to Samu, Gabes, Linda Kay, Toddles, Doddy, Mommy, and the pups in Hawaii. I love you guys!!!

  2. Jesus, you can heal this situation and remove all the cancer, whether by supernatural power or the use of these doctors. Lord, let this cancer be gone, it is ot of you and ot of heaven. Lord, I pray for strength in Jane and Ray, endurance and perseverence. Lord you are SOOO much bigger than this situation, come now and fill them with your Holy Spirit and let the spirit of Shalom fall on all. You guys are the best and hope to hear more, especially the healing reports.

    The Fendlers

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