Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like being at home when you are sick!  I was sick the entire time and I can tell you I am happy to be home.  


Jane’s energy is at the highest peak due to the steroids that she has been taking to keep the brain from swelling.  Yesterday was the last day of the steroid and she will most likely have a drop in energy within the next few days.  If you saw her at church on Sunday she looked great and felt great.  


The Blessing of Support

Thank you for supporting us!  It would have been impossible to do this with out all the love and support.  There are many people who have help us to get Jane to the treatment that was needed.  You have openned your homes, given us rides, helped us with airfare, fed us, loved us, spent time with us, prayed for us (a lot) and so much more.  

What is to Come

Jane is currently on Herceptin and Zometa.  These two drug are used to keep the current cancer in her body under control.  In a few weeks she will start on Temodar with is a drug that is made for brain cancer.  This drug will be used to inhibit the growth of cancer in her brain.  

I’m not sure when the next scans will be, but I would assume that she will continue on the three month schedule.  That means that she should be schedule for scans at the end of January.  We should be able to see the effectiveness of the gamma knife surgery in these scans.  The scan should also show if there are new spots or if the Temodar is effective.   

Should there be new spots, I believe we would had back to UCSF for another round of gamma knife.  This would depend on the size and amount of spots.  If the scans show no new growths, Jane would continue on Temodar and we would waith three more months.  


Thank you again for the prayers.   Please continue to pray for Jane’s healing and for the effectiveness of the gamma knife.  Please pray that Jane does not drop to hard now that the steroids are done.  Keep her in prayer as we do not know how the Temodar will affect her.   I was sick the whole trip and I am home sick today.  I will go back to work tomorrow, so you can also pray for me that I will continue to gain strength.  The boys both had issues sleeping last night, please pray that we get back on schedule.  


Thanks For Your Prayers

May God Richly Bless You This Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas


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