Early Eddition

Half way into the morning Jane experienced as the side effects said, “severe” vomiting.  It has slowed a little bit and she is sleeping in between bouts.  I am a little concerned about her getting dehydrated.


Please keep Jane in prayer today, that she would be able to stay hydrated and that the nausea and vomiting would be gone.


3 thoughts on “Early Eddition

  1. Ray and Jane,

    Praying for God to do GREAT things in Jane’s body. Praying that the Spirit would be upon her today, and give her peace and comfort, that the vomiting would subside, and that she would not get dehydrated.

    Love you guys~Anita, Nestor and the girls

  2. Dear Ray and Jane – We are praying for relief from these side effects all day today. We will be praying for wisdom for you as you progress throughout the day, for relief from the nausea and vomiting, and for peace. Fondly, Ann and David Woodruff

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