Scan Time

This update is a simple call to prayer.  Today Jane will go in to get two scans, the bone scan and the CT of the upper body and Friday will be the MRI scan of the brain.  Please pray for Jane’s complete healing and that the MRI would show that all the cancer is gone from the brain!

How’s The Meds?

Jane finished her second round of Temodar last week.  The effects seem to be cumulative causing her to need a little more rest.   On a good note the nausea was very minimal!

Parting Note

The scans are scheduled today, January 21st and the MRI on January 23rd.  Please remember to keep Jane in prayer, especially for the MRI she doesn’t like to be stuck in the tube.

We will most likely get results back sometime next week and I will update the blog as soon as we know.

Thank you for all of your love and support!


One thought on “Scan Time

  1. As always, we are loving you and praying for you, Jane, Ray, Samuel, and Gabriel.

    We love you guys and your journey and faith continues to touch us.

    Theresa, Dave, and Darian

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