Three Months AT A Time

Jane has to have scans every three months. So, naturally, we were living our lives three months at a time. We were consumed with waiting for scans results and praying for God’s healing while putting our lives on hold. We had dropped out of ministry, pull the kids out of sports and made no commitments. Because, there was an air of uncertainty. You can’t blame us, Jane has breast cancer.

The Abundant Life

John 10:10 tells us, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy ; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

We were living as if the enemy had killed and destroyed our lives.  We were living three months at a time paralyzed by circumstances that we could not control.  We had given control over to the enemy.

The Power of God’s Promise

After the scans and treatment in September, Jane and I felt that we needed to live the abundant life that God has promised us in John 10, we gave the control to the Lord and we began making the most of God given opportunities.  Jane and I are now oversee the Marriage Ministry at our church,  Gabriel is back in Soccer, Samuel is playing Tennis and Jane has been working out.  The true abundance in our lives comes from living and serving in the “Body of Christ.”  This is what the enemy so desperately wants to kill and destroy! NO MORE!

More Abundant Life

Jane still gets tire, is still taking chemo medication and still has to have scans every three months.  We have to spend time taking care of Jane and the family since the medication still make Jane tired, the treatments have had an affect on her memory and brain function (we joke about it, but it is serious).  It takes a little more effort on our part, but it is worth it.  We don’t do as much as before, but we take advantage of what God has given us. The fruit is undeniable.

Eye Problem Not I problem

As I was writing this post, Jane told me that she has a blind spot in her left eye, it is not real big but it is noticeable.  She described it like this:  “It is like someone taking a flash picture and after the flash the spot is there for a few more  seconds.”  The problem is no one took a flash picture and her spot was there all day yesterday.  Dr. M told Jane if the spot was still there today that she would move the MRI of her brain up.  Jane’s MRI was scheduled for April 27th.


First, let me say thanks to those of you who have continued to keep Jane and our family in your prayers.  We need them so much and through them you have empowered us to live life abundantly, not life paralyzed three months at a time.  I believe that your prayers have gotten us through tough times and have given us strength to push into the Lord and the abundant life.

Now, the prayer requests.  Please pray for Jane’s eyes, for MRI to reveal God’s healing.  Pray that Jane’s memory and brain function are restored. Pray for Dr. M, that God will bless her and the work that she is doing.  Gabriel has been struggling in school, please lift him up.

Also, please remember my friend Kirk and his family in prayer.  Their daughter Sarah is due to have a liver transplant, see his blog for info:

Thank you

Again, we thank you for your prayers and support.  I will try to update the blog later today with a short post to let you know if the MRI date changes.


6 thoughts on “Three Months AT A Time

  1. Oh, I love you guys so much! My prayers are with you and i am so blessed to read what the Lord is speaking to your hearts.

    Please know that though the miles separate us, we are still together. We love you.


  2. Ray,

    Thank you for the inspiring message. I think it speaks to all of us who, at times, put our lives on hold for various reasons. Every day truly is a precious gift from God and deserves to be lived to it’s fullest.

    “Lord, bless this family. Thank you for the revelations you have shown them. Thank you for their amazing attitudes and how it ministers to the body of Christ. Bring your healing to Jane. Just as you have healed your children throughout the ages, bring that healing to your daughter. In your Name above names, Jesus Christ our Lord and healer we ask this. Amen”

  3. Ray, Jane, and Boys:

    We still love you all so much and you remain always in our prayers and thoughts every single day. I am always amazed at your abilities through God to look at everything- EVERYTHING- in a positive light. And your perseverance and prayerfulness and faithfulness and genuine love for God are all bigger lights in other people’s lives and in this world than you could ever know. We wish that we could be there to lay hands on all of you and pray with you personally, every day, but we know that when we pray, God’s hands are upon you.

    Love and hugs and many blessings to you!
    Dave, Theresa, and Darian

  4. Ray and Jane,
    Your faith is such an encouragement to us! We are continually standing with you for Jane’s healing and that God uses you to minister to others. We have been amazed how He has used us despite our own struggles with Sarah’s impending liver transplant. He truly is amazing and continually produces fruit far above what we can expect.

    Love you guys!
    The Krafts (Kirk, Patty, Arianna, Caleb, Katarina and Sarah)

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