DoCtOr’S OrDeRs

Jane and her sister went to see Dr. M today and she talked with the team at UCSF.  The UCSF team told Jane that it look like there were two or three new lesions (spots) and they recommended that Jane come back for the GAMA Knife.  

ThE CiTy

Jane has a an appointment with the UCSF Team on the 18th of May and will undergo GAMA knife treatment on the 19th, it will be much like last time.  She is also hoping to meet with Dr. Melisko. Check the blog post from December.    The purpose for the meeting with Dr. Melisko is to check on any new studies that Jane might qualify for.


Jane will be traveling to S.F. with Linda, her sister, for the appointment.  I will stay behind to help the boys with school and finals.  Once finished with the procedure and appointments Linda will return home and Jane will stay in the Bay Area until the last week of May.  The boys and I will meet Jane in L.A. for the Foursquare Connection (convention) and then go on vacation.  


Healing first and foremost!  Please pray for the treatment and treatment options with Dr. M.  Pray for me as I will be home with the boys during finals.  Pray for Jane’s quick recovery as this vacation is really important to Jane.  Pray for our spirits.  And pray for anything else you can think of…Pray Pray Pray!

ThAnK YoU FoR YoUr PrAyErS!!!!


4 thoughts on “SaN FrAnCiScO

  1. LOrd… I pray for Jane and Ray and their two sons.. may you heal Jane and lift up the spirits of the family .. Lord I pray that you will show your hand of healing … we ask in your son’s precious name, Jesus, amen.

  2. Hey Arnias,
    Auntie Linda and Jane are welcome to stay in the suite at our campbell home. Just let us know. You are regularly in our prayers,

    Los Lebos

  3. How maddening people can be! But GOD is bigger and He’s the Provider, not Blue Shield! He’s got something up that very looooooooooonnnnnnggggggg sleeve of His!

    Praying for you. We love, love, love you.

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