Homeward bound

Jane is on the plane and heading home!  And yes, the boys and I are still alive.  🙂

Trip Talk

Jane and her sister met with Dr. Sneed and Dr. Melisko while in San Francisco.  I get more details later today as to what the doctors said.  As far as treatment goes, we will not be making any decisions until we get back from vacation and Jane and Linda will meet with Dr. Miyashiro.


We are still waiting on the appeal from Broken Shield (oops, Blue Shield) on the GAMMA Knife.  I guess we’ll know when we know?


Yesterday, Jane was interviewed by the reporter from CBS5 that did the story on the California lady that Blue Shield denied the same GAMMA Knife surgey.  Jane’s interview may or may not be used.  If they choose to run the story I will post it.

Here is another article by an L.A. Times writer, he references Lisa Mannheimer-miller, the nurse that called the news.  Nurse Miller has been a real encouragement to Jane and I.  It is great to see someone who really cares and puts it in to action!

We Are Going On Vacation

It will be nice to get away for a couple of weeks.  We are going to go to the Foursquare Convention, Connection 09, in Los Angles next week.  We are also going to hit Universal Studios, on Memorial Day, and Disneyland the following weekend.  This will be the boys first trip to DL, there is a little excitement starting to build.  The next we will spend in Northern California visiting my family and enjoying the great outdoors.  Jane is excited to spend time with the boys and I building memories and hanging out!


Please continue to pray for Jane’s healing, for insurance to approve the GK and for Jane to get some rest before we leave on Sunday.


We really need to thank our good friends Mark and Grace.  They have  gone out of their way to ensure that Jane and her sister had a place to stay while going to UCSF and provided transportation.  You guys have really made a hard time a lot easier! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!

Also, Lisa Miller, RN.  Her tireless effort to ensure that Jane is taken care of is more then comforting, it has made our great experience with UCSF extrordinary!  Thank you Lisa Miller, RN

And thank you to all of you who lift us up in prayer on a continual basis!  We are truly blessed!!!


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