The Decision

We found out on Thursday that the insurance company’s decision was over turned.  Jane has been approved for the procedure.

A Week From Monday

Jane will get treatment the GAMMA knife treatment next Monday.  This is good news because we will still be in the mainland.  We will start the day off early, 6:00 AM, to start processing her in.  The treatment time will be a lot less since there is only three spots.  I hope she is out by 10:00 AM, but this is purely my own speculation. 


Please continue to pray for Jane’s healing.  She is doing good so far on vacation.  Trying to let her get as much rest as possible.  We are taking a short break from Disneyland to let her take a nap. 


I came on vacation without any computing device!  This has left me without a way to update the blog and check email.  I cannot even begin to imagin how we ever managed.


2 thoughts on “The Decision

  1. I was praying that the insurance issue would get resolved. I just found out about Jane’s illness a couple of weeks ago. Sorry to hear about the struggle with health…but happy to hear that the insurance isn’t standing in the way to the appropriate treatment. Praise God! Have a great vacation!

  2. Hallelujah! That’s awesome that they finally approved it! We will pray for good results and for God’s healing hand to be with the docs!

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