Vacation Blues

I started this update on July 11th and didn’t get a chance to finish it before Jane got her unscheduled MRI.  The MRI update is below and it is important, so if you don’t want the fluff go to the bottom and look for MRI Update.

Vacation Blues

Vacation Blues means that I am back at work and I spent all my vacation time.  I had a great time with the family and friends and now I have to go back to reality!


We had a great vacation season.  It started in May when we took the boys out of school a couple of days early and headed to California.  We spent 1 day at Universal Studios and 3 days and Disneyland.  We then headed north to S.F. and then to visit my mom, brother and two sisters.  At the end of the trip we stopped by UCSF for Jane’s GKnife (see last post).

A week after we returned Jane and Gabriel when to Maui with her sister and brother-in-law, Samuel went to high school camp and I….well I took a one week intensive class, I still have to do the paper 😦

When everyone returned, we headed to the North Shore to house sit for some friends who were going to the mainland for vacation. ( Check out their new book: “May I see The King” on amazon or there website:  What a blessing it was to house sit, I took 4 days off and had the 4th of July weekend to spend  at the beach!  So basically, we have been on vacation for almost a month.

It is the first real vacation we have been able to take in a long time. So now I am trying to figure out how to get rich so that I can go on permanent vacation.  I have the VACATION BLUE’s.

The first three pictures are from our SF trip.  The rest are from our stay on the North Shore.

What About Those Scans?

Jane had her treatment at the end of May and we will not have scans for at least three months.

MRI Update

As the Facebookers know, Jane had an unscheduled MRI yesterday because she was experiencing anxiety and some loss of motor functionality on her right side.  This came on slow, but became more then evident on Sunday. Jane called Dr. Miyashiro on Monday.  Dr. M requested that Jane get an MRI as soon as possible.  Jane went in yesterday (July 13th) for the MRI and I took her to see Dr. M today to get the results

Not So Good Results

Dr. M checked the MRI results from yesterdays MRI and it was less then pleasings.  They found 4 more new spots and some of the old spots are growing.  There is one large spot that seems to have gotten larger and there is some swelling around it.  The swelling is what we think is causing the lose of motor functions.  Dr. M prescribed steroids to help the swelling go down.

As of this morning (Wednesday, July 15th), Jane said that she was starting to feel a little better.


Jane’s sister, Linda, has already contacted Dr. Melisko , of UCSF Medical Center, to see if Jane is still eligible to participate a clinical trial.   Dr. Melisko is a Breast Cancer Specialist that does a lot of research on breast cancer that has spread to the brain.

The drugs that are used in the study, Irinotecan and Temozolomide, are both drugs that are currently used to treat cancer, when used together they seem to have added benefit.

We have two options:  option one, try to get insurance to approve the drugs so that Jane can stay here.  This would mean that Jane would not be in the study but would still have the benefits of being on the study.  Option two, if insurance denies option one then Jane would participate in the study which would require her to go to UCSF every couple of weeks.   Of course we would prefer that we stay here otherwise the cost of fights will be quite expensive.


There are a number of things that we are seeking prayer for:

– That God will bring complete healing to Jane.

– That swelling will go down and Jane will have complete motor function restored.

– That insurance will approve the drugs required for Jane to stay here.

– Pray against anxiety and stress for both Jane and the rest of us.

– Pray for the boys that they would handle this well.  This is a scary time for them and us.

– Pray that the lesions on the brain that were treated with Gamma Knife continue to shrink.

Next Update

I will update again as soon as we find out what the treatment will be.

Thanks for all the prayers and support


5 thoughts on “Vacation Blues

  1. Just took some time to pray over these things. We will continue to pray and are looking forward to the answers. Keep hanging in there. We are praying for peace, rest, laughter and lots of lovin’.

    Loved the pics. Wow! The boys continue to grow and are such handsome young men!

    Katy, Scott and Kids

  2. We are praying for you all. For God’s Grace and Mercy to flow over your family. You are in my heart alway.

    I love you

  3. Durants continue to lift you in prayer … my gosh … handsome young men growing there!!! Thank you for the updates and wonderful photos.

    We love you …

    Ron, Lei-Ann, Moku and Haku

  4. Hi Jane,

    Just wanted you to know you are on my Heart today and everyday. I LOVE YOU…..Just know we pray for you and your family. Let me know when you are up to it. I would love to have the family over for dinner…….talk to you soon,


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