I was going to update sooner but so much has been going on that I could not update without going into great detail as to the decisions that had to be made and all the coordination that had to be done with different doctors.  After all is said and done, there is not that much to write about.


We spent this afternoon down at Kapiolani Women’s and Children’s Hospital getting Jane’s pre-op, which, consisted of blood, chest X-Rays and an EKG.  Tomorrow at 7:00 AM Jane will be going in for an Oophorectomy.

I will take Jane to the hospital at 5:30 AM to check in and get her ready for surgery.  It should be a pretty short procedure, according to what the doctor said.  The purpose for this surgery is to push Jane’s body into menopause, causing her body to reduce hormone production.

Perfusion MRI

On Monday Jane will have a perfusion MRI. The MRI tracks blood circulation in the brain.  The reason that she is getting this type of MRI is because the doctors in S.F. are trying to determine the cause of swelling in Jane’s brain.  It is most likely one of two things.  one, the cancer is growing or two, it is an affect of the radiation. Once this is determine the doctors in S.F. will be able to provide a recommendation for treatment.  We’ll know more next week.


Please pray that everything goes alright tomorrow, that Jane will be able to have the surgery and that it goes quickly and smoothly.  Pray for the boys and I as we support Jane.

As always thanks for your love, support and most of all your prayers!


6 thoughts on “Oophorectomy

  1. Praying for you all for strength, courage, endurance, and wisdom for the doctors. We love you guys and you are always in our prayers! May God’s hands be on the situation you are facing and may the Holy Spirit fill you with peace.
    Theresa, Dave, and Darian

  2. Dear Jesus,
    I pray for Gabriel and Samuel that they would have peace while their mom is in surgery. Increase their trust in you.

  3. May God bless Jane with a smooth recovery from surgery and may the swelling in her brain be healed. May Jane be fully and completely healed. May He cover all your needs and fill your family with His peace.


    Laura Shaw

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