Just The Facts

Jane ask that I get out the facts. So with my trusty palm pre I send you this update. Please forgive the typos.

1. Jane’s MRI showed the the biggest spot is not a cancerous tumor! This is a big praise to God because had it been a tumor Jane would have had to have a brain surgery to have it removed.

2.  We have been told by the doctors at UCSF that the two new spot might only be blood vessels that showed up on the MRI.  If this is true the cancer in the brain is not spreading.  What this means is that the current chemo might still be effective. So Jane will not have to go to SF for treatment, instead we will continue on the current course of chemo.  In 2 months Jane will receive another scan to see if things have gotten better.  This is another victory!

3.  The steroids that Jane has been taking for swelling require a slow taper off the drog.  If she goes off to fast the side effects are worse then the side effects of being on the drugs.  Jane has problems sleeping while on the steroids, so she naps when every and where she gets tired.  Pray for this transition.

4  Jane’s recovery after the surgery has been going really well.

5  thanks for the prayers and support!


3 thoughts on “Just The Facts

  1. Hi Ray and Jane,

    I am so, so happy to hear the good news. I pray for you and your family often.

    UCSF is the top of the line when it comes to adult neurosurgery so I’m sure you have great doctors!

    God be with you.


  2. Hey Jane and Ray!

    Just got back from being out of town and saw your wonderful update! Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray fervently for all of you… for Jane’s healing, strength and God’s peace to wash over you.

    Love you all very much,

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