Back In The Brain – MRI Report

We got the result back from the MRI on Jane’s brain and it was not good.  It looks like one spot has some swelling, and about 6 others have grown quite a bit.

Frequent Fliers Miles

We are looking at the clinical trial at UCSF.  At this point we are still trying to figure it out.  The clinical trial will require Jane to travel to S.F. every two weeks.    It looks like Jane’s sister and I will be taking turns traveling with her, we will try to leave on the weekend and return on Tuesday.  This schedule will help us to minimize the use of our vacation/sick leave.    Another issue that we will need to address is how the drugs affect Jane and if they will inhibit her ability to travel.

It’s a Girl

Yes, we have a girl in the house! My niece, Kendra (AKA, Kinji, Kenny or my fav KendRAY) moved in with us about a month ago.  She picked up a job working in a preschool doing after school care.  She will be with us for at least a year.  The purpose of her coming out is to give us a hand with things around the house, to help transport the boys and to step out in ministry.  We have talked about a number of things from going on short term missions to helping in Sunday School or worship.  She hopes to start college in the upcoming semester.

Pray Is The Best Medicine

As always the best cure for this disease is divine healing.  So, lets start with prayer for Jane’s divine healing, that God will bring complete restoration to her body and brain.

Pray for Jane’s strength as we prepare for trips to S.F.  Pray for the separation from the boys and I.  Pray for the boys, Kendra and I as we will have a lot to take care of during Jane’s absences.  Pray for Jane’s sister and family as this will take a toll on all of us.   Pray for our finances, that God will cover this extra expense.


Thank you for your prayers and support!  May God return these blessings 100 fold back to you, your families and  friends.  May these blessing be poured out over each task you put your hands to.  I declare the Lords blessing to rest on you and your house!


7 thoughts on “Back In The Brain – MRI Report

  1. I invested in TIME OF YOUR LIFE by Anthony Robbins a few years ago. It’s not just about time management pertaining to work, 99% of it applies to using all of your time to accomplish things that are important to you. I think that Jane would REALLY be blessed by the CD set. It changed my life and has helped me make major changes for the better for everyone in my life.
    Our prayers are with you!


  2. Ray and Jane,
    We continue to pray in faith for Divine and Complete healing. Please know that you will remain constantly in our prayers.
    We are also praying for your daily needs and each morning we will ask the Lord to give you each day your daily bread, your daily financial need, your daily energy, your daily encouragement, your daily joke, your daily laugh, your daily rest, your daily embrace, your daily kiss, your daily time in the Word and in prayer.
    With great faith, great love and great hope,
    Katy, Scott, Cephas, Jedidiah, Haddie and Mikaiah.

  3. Arney Ohana,

    I love our Lord who was faithful
    Who is faithful
    Who is to come forever faithful…

    He will bless you and yours.

    We love each of you,

    Firth Family

  4. ‘ohana arney …

    we continue to pray for all of you … for healing, strength, finances, rest, peace, and continued love and family bonding. we pray for linda and todd and their strength and the guidance linda needs to care for and bring light to jane, ray, gabriel and samuel.

    we love you,

    ron, lei-ann, moku and haku

  5. Arney Family,

    I will forward this to our members and you all will continue to be in our prayers. Thanks for the update and for all the specifics you included.

    Charles and Bonnie

  6. Ray, Jane, Samuel and Gabriel,

    Continuing to pray for strength, healing and direction for the next phase of this.

    Remain strong, I know its hard, but God is faithful. Thank you for keeping us updated. I will also ask my ladies at “Women of Hope” to pray for you.

    Divine healing, financial obligations are met, wisdom, peace and strength to the family.

    Love you guys!
    Joan and the gang

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