Putting Matters In God’s Hands

Putting matters in God’s hands?  They are there already!

It Began

On October 12th Jane and I will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary!

Newly Weds

I am excited to spend a few days staycationing with Jane in Wakiki next weekend!  Thanks for the help Charles Lee (Chuck, Bruce, Charlie, Chuckles)

It Begins

After our staycation, Jane will be heading to S.F. on October 17th.  Jane and her sister will meet with the doctor and do scans on Monday.  Tuesday Jane will get infusions and should be flying home on Wednesday.

In between

Before Jane leaves for S.F. her sister Linda suggested that we have a prayer meeting to cover Jane in prayer and to petition the Lord for Jane’s complete healing.

The prayer meeting is open to anyone that wants to come and pray for Jane and our family.

The Prayer meeting will be held at Hope Chapel West Oahu at 7:00 PM, Friday, October 16th.  The prayer meeting will continue until we are finished!

In The Future

We will know more when Jane returns from S.F.  I am assuming that we will put together a schedule of trips, and scans to keep tabs on whether or not the trial is working.


Please pray for us as we prepare to send Jane and her sister to S.F.  Please consider joining us on Friday, October 16th @ 7:00 PM to pray.

Thanks Dave

Dave thank so much for the fasting and prayer! We do not take it lightly.  Be blessed my brother!


3 thoughts on “Putting Matters In God’s Hands

  1. My prayers are with you always, I am so blessed by your faith, and knowing that with God all things are possible!

  2. Thank you Lord for the courage and faith of your servant and her family. Bless her in every way. Reply to her requests from above and through your servants on earth. Guard her heart and mind from attack. Continue to keep her in your peace. That unbelievable peace that comes from staying close to you Lord our Savior and our Redeemer. In Jesus name.

  3. God is our great physician. I’ll be there in spirit and will prep and pray from the Big Isle. Standing in the gap and along side you guys. Get them armors and prep for battle.

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