Last Week, This Week, Next Week

Last Week

Last Friday we held the prayer meeting for Jane.  We wanted to accomplish a few things at the prayer meeting, 1. We would pray for Jane, 2. The presences of God would fill the place and 3. That the people who attended would be ministered and touched by the Holy Spirit.

I believe that all three of those goals were met.    As we started worship, led by Clint Chinen and Mark Frigillana, God’s presence and a sense of peace fill the sanctuary.  When worship concluded  we moved Jane to the back of the sanctuary to allow people to gather around her for the laying on of hand and to lift up an audible prayers.  Clint and Mark continued to worship, as people broke into small groups or sat by themselves lifting up prayers.  There was no time limit, just the freedom to pray as God led and the people left as they felt released.  Other people returned to there seats and a number of people moved to the front to continue in a time of spontaneous worship.  After an hour of leading worship, Tony Butindaro pick up the guitar and continue to lead.

Pastor Mike came up and shared a scripture that the Lord put on his heart.  The scripture John 11:4 But when Jesus heard it, he said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified thereby. He also reminded us that this is not a death march, but a time to rejoice in God and to not give up!

All in all it was a great night of prayer, ministry and worship.

Saturday, October 17th Jane and her sister went to S.F. to enroll in the study and to start treatment. Jane’s treatment consists of two types of chemo drugs, Irinotecan and Temodar.  The Irinotecan is a drug that is used primarily to treat rectal or colon cancer, but they are finding that it is working on other cancers.  In Jane’s case they are testing it along with the Temodar.  Temodar is a drug that Jane took before and is used to treat cancer that has spread to the brain.  It takes about four hours to infuse the Irinotecan.  The Temodar is taken in pill form, so Jane will take those at home or on the road, doesn’t matter.  It is taken seven days on and seven days off.

Jane had the opportunity to go to our old church, Valley Life Center in Santa Clara on Sunday.  Then on M0nday she had scans and blood test.  Tuesday was the treatment cocktail and she returned home on Wednesday.  While she was gone Samuel got sick and ended up staying home from school Monday through Wednesday.  When Jane got home she stayed at her mom’s house to ensure that  she didn’t get what Samuel had.  She was able to come home on Friday.

This Week

Jane was really out of it when she came back.  It took her about three days to kind of normal out.  We are still in the process of determining what her energy cycle will be.  As of today, Monday, Oct 26th she is doing much better.

Next week

Our next trip will be at the beginning of next month.   We will leave on Thursday the 5th and return on the 7th.  We will get to the Bay Area on Thursday night.  Friday we will go to the clinic for Jane’s treatment.  The treatment will take about 4 hours.  We will go back to the hotel to rest and then fly back on Saturday.

This will be the pattern for the next few months.


For those of you who have asked to donate miles to Jane, you can donate to her Hawaiian Miles account.  I will email the account information upon your request.


The primary prayer is for Jane’s total and complete healing.  The second thing we are praying for is that the insurance will accept the trial and allow Jane to be treated here in Hawaii.  That would mean that we would not have to travel to S.F. every two weeks.

At this point, it is important that we pray for Jane to have energy.  Sshe will not only get the treatment, she will also be traveling.


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