Back Pain

On January 16th we had a beach day.  We spent some time hanging out with friends, picking up shells and doing a little fishing.

The fish were bitting

The fish were biting (Gabriel and his cousin Braeden)

While at the beach Jane slip and fell.  A couple of days later when she was getting up from sitting on the couch she had major back pain.  We jumped in with a quick prayer request to the prayer team and then dosed her up with Motrin.  Jane was really concerned because this happened three days before she was suppose to travel.  The day before she left for San Francisco she had a massage.  The good news is that the day she left for S.F. the pain was pretty much gone and has not returned. We praise God for this and thank the prayer team for covering us diligently.


One thought on “Back Pain

  1. Hi Ray and Jane,

    So glad to hear Jane’s back is better! You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers all the time! Give a big hug to everyone there from all of us. 🙂


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