Good Things

Quick Trip

Jane was able to drive to her mother’s house on Saturday!  This is the first time that she has driven since before October.  Praise God! 

Feeling Better

Jane is feeling a lot better lately, I think it is due to being off the decadron for a few months.  I think the most important thing is that she is able to sleep without any sleep aids,  her mind is a lot clearer.  Being off the decadron has allowed the swelling to go down.  This is good because Jane has been able to drop a lot of the weight that she put on.  Shedding the pounds is good, she was feeling pretty self-conscious.   The decadron make your muscles weak, not being on the Decadron, Jane has a little more energy.  These are all good things!


The last status (Click Here) was in December, things have gotten better on the outside (non cancer health issues) as noted above.  We will not know how the cancer treatments are going until the end of February when Jane gets her next set of scans.


I am now in Nashville for work….it is cold…they ordered the snow the day before I came and I guess it pretty much shutdown the city.  The sun has been out and it looks beautiful outside. 

The weather is in the mid to high thirties with lows down to about twelve.  The forecast for the rest of the week is sunny and cold, maybe some flurries on Friday night/Saturday morning.  I am flying home on Saturday, through Chicago.  Hope I don’t get stuck!

Jane and Linda will fly to San Francisco on Thursday, they get back on Saturday a couple of hours before me.  The boys will be staying with uncle.


Please continue to pray for Jane’s health.  Continue to pray for the cancer to be gone and that she continues to get stronger (I think that as she gets stronger, the medication can work better).    Pray for her trip and for the boys, since I am also gone.  She didn’t sleep well last night and had some wierd pains in her back.  I didn’t sleep to well either. Pray for my flight back, I am in the middle and would like to be able to get an exit row or aisle seat.


2 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. May God send His traveling mercies with your family. May Jane continue to get stronger and stronger each day. May her complete and miraculous healing come soon-all to God’s glory!

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