Two Months at a Time

This is the week that Jane had her scans.  She returned from S.F. Yesterday (Saturday).


The good new is that there are no new spots.  The bad news is that two of the spots have gotten larger. The doctor was a little disappointed because the growth is now at 19%.  In order for Jane to qualify for the study, growth cannot exceed 20%.  The P.E.T. Scan show that all other areas seem to be stable but that there is more metabolic activity.  That basically means  the cancer in the rest of the body is still stable but we need to keep an eye on it.

White Blood Cells

Jane will be getting two Nuepogen shots this week and one next week in an attempt to get her white blood cell count up.  It is important for it to be high when she goes in for treatment.   If her blood count is low or drops below a certain level she cannot get the full treatment or worse she would not be able to get treatment at all.  Due to the growth rate of the cancer it would be catastrophic if she had to miss a treatment. Your white blood cells help to fight off infection or sickness.  So if Jane gets sick her white blood cell count would drop.  It is very important that Jane not get sick, so let me ask you that if you are sick please avoid, Jane, the boys, Linda and myself.

Two Months

For now we will keep on the same regiment, going to S.F. every two weeks.  In the middle of April, Jane will get scans again.   If there is continued growth we will have to consider other options (which are few).  If the spots stay the same or get smaller we will keep the same schedule.


The boys are doing well.  At this point they understand the seriousness of the situation, but they do not know all the details.   They do not know that the spots have grown 19% or what that could mean.

They are under a considerable amount of stress just knowing that Jane has to get treatment in S.F. every two weeks and that we are fighting to keep Jane alive.  In order to protect them, we spare them from the details.  You can help us protect them in two ways, 1. Do not ask them, “how’s your mother doing?”  2. Just love on them.

Blog Updates

I try to keep the blog updated as things change or as we get new information.  It is the easiest way to get information out to all who are concerned and praying.  You can expect that I will update the blog after scans or if something changes (Jane gets sick or a great need arises).

It takes a lot of energy for Jane to share the details of each trip or how she is doing at any particular moment.  I would like to ask you, that if you see Jane on Sunday or at a church event, that you not ask her how she is doing or what is next.  Simply tell her that you are praying for her.


We need to be vigilant in prayer for Jane’s complete and total healing.  For God’s hand on her that He remove the cancer.

Obviously, Jane was really disappointed with this visit.  It is hard on her and on us.  Please pray that we continue to have a positive attitude and keep our eyes on God.

Pray for Samuel and Gabriel, that their hearts are protected and that they would not be stressed.

As Always

Thank you so much for your prayers, support and love!!


9 thoughts on “Two Months at a Time

  1. Dear Arney Family,

    May God lift up your hearts and supply you with His love, hope, faith and encouragement to you each day. I am continuing to pray for Jane’s COMPLETE and TOTAL HEALING!

    Much Love,

    Laura Shaw

  2. Thanks so much for the update. Know that you are loved and supported in our hearts in prayer. And as always, let us know how we can help in other ways, whatever it may be.

    Mark & Iris

  3. Awakened one evening with the boys are my heart. You and the family are always in our hearts and praying for complete healing. Sean and Evan our in town and look forward to seeing you all of you.

    The McWilliams’

  4. We continue to pray for your family. Know that even though we do not have opportunities to see you, you are always in our hearts and never out of our minds.

    We love you ~

    Ron, Lei-Ann, Moku and Haku

  5. May God give you strength to face all that you must each day. Please know that you are being prayed for here by our whole family. Love to you all. Ann Woodruff

  6. We continue to lift Jane up for healing from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. May the Lord cover your family with that perfect PEACE that only He can bring. May He bring you all moments of JOY and unexpected blessings. May He be glorified through this journey as you all continue to shine brightly for Him! May seeds be planted and souls be won for His Kingdom in your new mission field. Ray, Jane, Gabriel and Samuel, may the Lord continue to protect you and may His blessing be upon you.

    Keepressingon and know that you are loved 🙂
    ~Tad, Karen, Tayler and Samaria

  7. Thanks for the update. We are always thinking of you and always praying for you! Love and miss you all very much. Rosana

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